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Team Leader Jason Ascott, celebrates a quarter of a century with Camloc!

A lot can change in 25 years, but one thing that’s remained consistent at Camloc over the previous quarter of a century is the presence of our experienced Team Leader, Jason Ascott.

Jason started his career working as an apprentice mechanical fitter in 1986, building a wide range of machine tools and transfer lines. Due to his love for problem solving, after his apprenticeship he went on to build industrial robots.

He took a keen interest in Camloc after hearing about a vacancy at the company in 1993 – and has worked for the company ever since. We recently put some questions to one of our longest serving team members to see how his role within the company has changed and what he’s enjoyed about working for Camloc over the last quarter of a century.


What has changed since you first started at Camloc, 25 years ago?

My role, and what is required in order to ensure we meet demand, has changed within the company – but the company itself hasn’t changed too much. Yes, people have come and gone and technology has advanced but everybody is recognised as an expert in what they do and treated as an equal – regardless of their role. The reason why people stay at Camloc for so long is because of the great people that work here.

What have you been involved in over the last 25 years?

When I first started at Camloc I was involved in running the machine that injects the gas into the springs. My next role was working as a Maintenance Technician – this role allowed me to go back to college and gain several new qualifications – including a BTEC in engineering. In my first year in this role, I went to America for three weeks in order to smooth out a few inevitable problems for a customer. However, 22 years ago my role was no longer needed and I became Team Leader on shift work at Camloc grinding rods. Now I look after all processes on the shop floor.

What do you enjoy most about working at Camloc?

I really enjoy solving a problem and getting my hands dirty. I’m in charge of all aspects of running the shop floor, so I enjoy the responsibility that comes with my role. I also enjoy working alongside my colleagues – most people have been here for a long time so we’ve developed a great working relationship. For example, Ben Taylor, recently hit 15 years with Camloc, while Carl Payne and Gary Keavney have both been at the company for a decade! Camloc employees are happy and dedicated within their role – which is usually why we stick around for so long!

We would like to extend a big thank you and congratulations to Jason for his 25 years service, and to Ben, Carl and Gary for your 15 and 10 years respectively. That’s a combined 55 years of hard work – and we look forward to another combined 55 years service!

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