Camloc gas struts and gas springs with screw ends being manufactured in factory

Reflecting on a memorable 2020

Every year as a team, we place tremendous value in looking back on what we’ve achieved together and reflecting on our performance as we start to look to the year ahead.

Coronavirus has certainly played its part within our industry and made the previous 12 months a rollercoaster ride we will never forget. However, despite the changes we’ve witnessed in that time, we’ve very much remained operational throughout – ensuring that our wide range of gas springs, dampers and struts safely reach customers in every corner of the world.

We announced earlier this year the importance we were placing on products for the medical sector in order to support the NHS in its fight against coronavirus. We hope this focus from our team helped in playing our own part in the battle against the virus. At the same time, maintaining our commitment to all of our customers by providing a quality service and product has remained a constant – as has our short delivery lead times, quality control methods and dedication to mass customisation and continued product innovation.

The numbers behind this year have been fantastic despite the uncertainties surrounding coronavirus, and only go to highlight how we’ve performed and responded given the current climate. Here’s a summary of the standout figures from a positive 2020.


Achieving on-time delivery

Making sure that our gas spring products reach their end destination on time is crucial. Customers plan around these deliveries when manufacturing their own applications and products – so it’s essential that we play our part in keeping the cogs of commerce turning efficiently.

A statistic we always place significant emphasis on is our on-time delivery percentage figure. For ourselves this is a very straightforward figure and measures whether we dispatch the parts from our Leicester factory to our customer on the day we said we would, or not. Last year we were delighted to achieve a 99.1% on-time delivery rate and this year has proven no different, after we achieved the same percentage score once again across our gas strut and damper range.

Given the disruption experienced within supply chains across the world from coronavirus, we’re incredibly proud to have achieved this figure in 2020. This impressive statistic reflects the hard work that’s gone in from not just our team, but our suppliers and partners too.


Customer Satisfaction

After receiving parts on time, the next most important criteria for our customers is whether the products perform as they should. This is one area of the business we’ve worked extremely hard on in recent years and the amount of manufacturing and engineering resources we’ve committed to ensuring our customers receive the most reliable products, has certainly paid off. 

Last year we recorded a fantastic PPM (Parts Per Million) defect rate of only 144 across all gas springs and dampers manufactured. This figure not only demonstrates the significant resource investments made, but also the benefits of having products that are designed, manufactured and dispatched in Britain.


Keeping our workforce safe

One number we keep a close eye on every year is Lost Time Incidents (LTI). This is when a member of the team is injured in the workplace and unable to finish their work for the day. The health and safety of our workforce always comes first and the practices and processes we have in place are there to protect our team and keep our LTI figure down.

We never compromise on anything other than a 0 LTI figure at the end of each year and we’re delighted to say that thanks to our collective efforts, we have achieved that number in 2020! A brilliant result and testament to everyone’s collective efforts in keeping one another safe.


Maintaining our culture for improvement

Over twenty years ago, we launched our continuous improvement scheme. This innovative idea provides a way for all of our employees to make suggestions and recommendations about how we operate, as well as the practices and processes that ensure the smooth day-to-day production of Camloc products.

Suggestions range from how we organise our factory and manufacturing spaces, to efficiencies in how we process orders and shorten our delivery lead times. Improvements can result in the smallest margin of gain and come from any area of the business – whether that be office staff, engineers, designers or technicians. Collectively, when we bring these improvements together, they make a big difference – allowing us to remain agile and continually finesse what we do and how we do it.

In 2020, we received 225 suggestions from the team and we’ve implemented 86% of them. Since we first launched our continuous improvement scheme, we’ve implemented over 7,791 ideas – that’s over 85% of the total suggestions we’ve received in its lifetime. We would like to say a big well done and thank you to everyone for their valued contributions to-date.

Ultimately we’re a people business, and we could not hope to achieve the numbers we’ve highlighted in this roundup without the fantastic team behind them; constantly working hard to keep Camloc at the forefront of gas spring manufacturing in the UK.

Our 458 years of combined experience across all of our departments means we have access to a wide range of talent, resources and expertise and it’s these factors that continue to set Camloc apart as a reputable name within the industry.

Once again we would like to say thank you to everyone in our team for their dedication and hard work as well as a special thank you to our customers, partners and suppliers for continuing to work with us in what’s been a challenging and memorable year for us all. We very much look forward to sharing what we hope will be a bright and prosperous 2021 with you.

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