ATM/Kiosk Gas Struts & Dampers

Often gas springs and dampers are the last thing to be considered on your application. If this is the case, our team of dedicated engineers will work with you to find the best possible solution. Preventing slamming of heavy panels to provide extra safety to the operator is a common requirement when servicing and maintaining ATMs or kiosks.

A Touch screen held in place by kiosk gas struts and dampers

Using only materials of the highest standards, coupled with incorporating modern manufacturing techniques from our UK base means we can guarantee superior product quality. Our service of free technical advice from our engineers, with engineering support continuing throughout your entire project provides you with the peace of mind we are a reliable addition to your operation.

As we manufacture made to order solutions through recognising no two applications are the same, we will provide you with a bespoke solution which meets your specific requirements. Proving ourselves as industry leaders, we offer bespoke solutions of high-quality gas springs and dampers, while boasting competitive lead times and 99% on time delivery. This being what separates us from the competition.

With safety to the end-user being a primary factor to consider when considering accessing ATMs for maintenance, our Econoloc has proven to be the optimal solution. The Econoloc is a positively locking gas spring, providing added safety over a standard gas spring due to the locking shroud which is fitted to the spring. This added safety feature ensures that the gas spring cannot be closed unless the shroud is unlocked, ideal for those working within ATMs.

Having worked with industry leading kiosk manufacturers to develop motion control solutions for touch-point kiosks, which are becoming evermore common-place, understand the integral importance of safety for those performing maintenance. To minimise the risk of injury whilst opening out the kiosk face, our standard Swift and Sure acts as a lift assist to take the strain away from the end-user.

Specific applications include but are not limited to:

  • Wall-mounted kiosks
  • Vending kiosks
  • Self-serving kiosks
  • Indoor/outdoor payment kiosks
  • Freestanding kiosks
  • Cash Dispenser/ATM’s

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