Protection Systems

Blast mitigation dampers are used on military vehicles to assist in minimising injuries sustained by personnel involved in vehicle mine or IED (improvised explosive device) incidents, increasing the likelihood of crew survival.

In blast mitigation seating, the Dynamic Response Index (DRIz) for the cranial direction (Z-axis) model provides the best injury prevention assessment in AV mine strike tests, when calculated with the pelvis ATD vertical acceleration.

Blast mitigation dampers 

The aim of blast mitigation dampers is to protect military crew members. The spinal column is one of the more vulnerable areas of crew members in vehicular mine and IED incidents, due to different loading mechanisms in cranial (axial) direction. Most critical is a direct impact of the elastic structural deformation via the seat system to the spinal column; the transfer of the shock wave via the vehicle structure and the seat system can cause serious injuries to the spinal column. 

Our specialised blast mitigation Dampers are ideally suited to supporting the systems used in the vehicle mine and IED protection field. This is just another example of how motion control solutions can work to support the military sector. 

Weight adjust dampers 

Duration and maximal values of the transmitted load to the crew members varies significantly due to different threat types and vehicle concepts, such as vehicle masses, seat adaptations and seat concepts. Our Dampers are perfected suited to work within a wide variety of applications and are often used on blast mitigation seating to compensate the seat height based on the occupant’s weight

Seating reset mechanisms 

Used on blast mitigation seating to rapidly return the seat height to its original position to prepare the seat and occupant for the slam down event, our Fixed Force Comp Springs area ideally suited to this kind of application. 

The strength and versatility of this motion control solution means it is one that our team of engineers recommend for a variety of bespoke projects.   

Seating adjustment 

Seating adjustment in military vehicles is essential for the safety of personnel. When working on a project that requires motion control solutions for this reason, our team will often recommend our Locking Springs to provide height adjustment for driver, commander and gunner seats due to their range of movement.  

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