Working for Camloc Motion Control is a gas!

Duo clock up 55 years’ service between them

We’re currently celebrating our sales desk supervisor Angie Flood, and prototype and development engineer John Widger, clocking up an impressive 55 years’ service between them!

It was all about the shoulder pads, Madonna and Maradonna’s ‘hand of God’ in 1986 when 17- year-old Angie walked through our doors here at Camloc – taking on an admin support role in the purchasing depart on the Youth Training Scheme or ‘YTS’ as it was known.

“I’d heard about the job through a friend who was a secretary at Camloc,” explains Angie. “I should have earned £28 per week on the YT scheme, but Camloc made up my wages to £45 per week which I thought was great!”

Thirty years later and Angie never imagined she’d still have a role within the company – working her way up from purchasing clerk to receptionist, to sales advisor before moving on to her current role of sales desk supervisor.

“I’ve stayed here at Camloc for 30 years as I still thoroughly enjoy my job,” says Angie who travels to Leicester from her home in Coventry four days a week. “It varies every day and I still enjoy the challenge and the buzz of securing new business. Job satisfaction is the key and also having lovely people to work with. We all work together, are on the same side and make a great team!”

There are 36 members of staff based here in Leicester, with an average length of service of 14 years – quite an achievement for any business, but particularly remarkable for one in the UK manufacturing industry.

John Widger is also part of our loyal team. John, who is also celebrating his 60 th birthday this year, joined us in 1991 from Sileby-based BQ Precision where he’d been for the previous 19 years, having started there as an apprentice.

Beginning his Camloc career making prototypes for fasteners, John has seen our company grow to become one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of gas struts, springs, dampers and end fittings – supplying design engineers across the globe.

“Camloc has always been a great company to work for, but in recent years they have really focused on continually training staff which I’ve particularly appreciated,” says John. “As a prototype and development engineer, I constantly need to learn new technologies and techniques so we can produce the best, most effective motion control solutions for our customers. I never know what I’ll be working on day to day, and that challenge is one of themain reasons I’ve stayed with Camloc for so long.”

We’ve rewarded both Angie and John with extra days’ holiday, lunch with their colleagues and a gift of their choice as part of their long service celebrations.

Officially recognised for quality standards by UK’s leading auditing experts

We have a commitment to quality here at Camloc.

We work year on year to improve our performance – not by cutting corners – but by focussing on quality, and we ensure that we are regularly assessed by the British Standards Institution (BSI), the UK’s leading independent auditing experts, in order to maintain the ISO9001 Quality Management accreditation.

The BSI accreditation proves that we meet expectations in 8 principles: customer focus, leadership, involvement of people, process approach, system approach to managements, continual improvement, factual approach to decision-making and mutually beneficial supplier relationships.

Our most recent audit found that our “leadership is strong with the current management team being very strongly customer-focused.”

What does this mean for you as a consumer?

Achieving the ISO9001 verifies that Camloc is a company you can trust. The way we operate and manage ourselves is responsible, ethical, resulting in consistent high performance and service.

Camloc Motion Control Ltd has built up a reputation for excellent customer service and this couldn’t be done without meeting such high standards in quality.m.

Camloc gas springs available in US with New Distributor Allied Electronics

Our gas springs are now available in the US through our newest distributor Allied Electronics.

We are happy to announce that we have expanded our US distribution network with the appointment of Allied Electronics as a distributor. They will offer our full range of motion control products.

Allied Electronics are the US extension of RS Components. They focus in distributing industrial automation products, electronic components and electromechanical products.

This is another important step for Camloc to widen our borders, create new business relationships and be more accessible on a global scale.

You can visit the Allied Electronics website from our gas springs US distributors page. Alternatively click here to view our products on their site.

Congratulations on your 30 years at Camloc!

Angie Flood is celebrating 30 years at Camloc this year – doesn’t time fly! 1986 was such a memorable year for all sorts of reasons…

…with the famous ‘hand of god’ by Maradonna against England in the Mexico World Cup, the opening of the M25, and chart toppers for Madonna with ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ and Sir Cliff with the Young Ones offering a rendition of ‘Living Doll’. Of course for us the most memorable moment was Angie walking through the door for the very first time, so we’ve asked her some questions to understand her role over the years and also, to see how Camloc has changed as a company over three decades.

You joined Camloc in 1986 – what was your first role?
My first role was in the purchasing department.

How did you hear about the job?
I heard about the job through a friend who was a secretary at Camloc.

Why did you decide to apply for the role?
I started on a YTS scheme which paid £28 per week but Camloc made up my wages to £45 per week, which I thought was great.

What did the job involve?
Doing general administration work

How old were you when you started? Did you work anywhere else before? If so, what were your previous jobs?
I had just turned 17 when I started. When I left school at 16 I went to work for the Co-op in the chemist office. I then worked for a company that made Jet Skis for a while, and then worked in a jewellery store. When I started at Camloc, the YTS scheme was for a year and I thought I could manage that and here I am 30 years later!

What roles within the company have you had since that time? Please could you give details in chronological order?
My roles have been:

  • Purchasing Clerk from 1986
  • Sales Clerk
  • Receptionist
  • Sales Advisor
  • Sales Desk Supervisor from 1998


What is your current position and how long have you be doing that role?
My job involves all aspects of customer service – too many to list but mainly processing/progressing orders, project management, meeting sales targets, quality reports, maintaining customer records and I am part of the Health and Safety team.

What is the best part of your job? What do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy most aspects of my job but I suppose the most satisfying is receiving an enquiry and following it through to the end resulting in an order.

How much has the company changed over 30 years, and in what ways has it changed?
I started at “Camloc” and have seen it go a full circle until we are now “Camloc” again. The biggest change I have seen is communication. As a sales clerk I dealt with at least 2 sacks of post every day. Now we might get a dozen letters a day. When I worked in reception we had 12 incoming lines and they could all ring at once. There were no direct lines and all calls had to be announced. There was also a telex machine and sales advisors would hand write their messages for the receptionist to type and send. Now the phones can be fairly quiet but emails are very busy. Most communication is done by email although I firmly believe in picking up the phone and building a good relationship with your customer.

Why did you decide to stay at Camloc for this length of time?
I have stayed at Camloc for 30 years as I still thoroughly enjoy my job. It varies every day and I still enjoy a challenge and the buzz of securing new business. Job satisfaction is the key and also the people I work with are great. We all work together, are on the same side and make a great team.

Anything else you’d like to add?
I now only work Monday-Thursday. Camloc is a very understanding Company when it comes to family life and commitments. They understand the pressures for mums with young families and when I had my son and approached them to reduce my hours; they really helped me a lot.
I live in Coventry so travel 60 miles a day, but they appreciate the loyalty I have shown, and they are very loyal back. We try to make our customers feel valued and in return Camloc have always made me feel a valued member of the team.

We’re delighted to still have Angie as part of our team 30 years on – the place wouldn’t be the same without her! We would like to congratulate Angie on this great achievement and also thank her for her loyalty, hard-work and dedication throughout her time here at Camloc. Here’s to another 30 years Angie!