Locking Gas Struts – Blocklift

The Blocklift locking gas strut can be stopped in any position along the length of its stroke during operation. Fitted with a locking valve they only allow movement when the release pin, located at the end of the rod, is depressed.

Locking Gas Struts in a Range of Sizes

The Blocklift is the latest gas strut and damper product to be manufactured by Camloc Motion Control in the UK.

Our Blocklift range includes four products suited to a variety of applications including the BL1 which remains rigid in extension, the BL2 which remains rigid in compression, the BL3 with elasticity and cushioning and the BL4, which remains rigid in both extension and compression.

 Type Description  Gas Strut Size Range
8-23 10-23 10-28
BL1 Rigid in extension Y Y Y
BL2 Rigid in compression Y Y Y
BL3 Spring blocking Y Y Y
BL4 Rigid in extention & compression Y

Common applications include the height and angle adjustment of seats for the aerospace, bus, train and speciality and military vehicle sectors, as well as controllable adjustments on hospital beds, physiotherapy tables and wheelchairs for the medical sector.

The Blocklift range is available both direct from Camloc in both fixed and adjustable force versions. A range of adjustable force Blocklifts available on a next-day delivery will be coming soon through selected worldwide distributors. 

Our gas struts are manufactured in the UK and customers can benefit from free UK-based engineering support as standard, with complete technical advice from our skilled team of designers and engineers.

Visit our technical support section for more information or alternatively, contact our team for more details about the Blocklift range of products.


  • UK manufactured product
  • Locks in any position on the length of stroke
  • Single-handed operation
  • Safe to use with easy positional control
  • Self-contained unit and maintenance-free
  • Available in carbon or 316L stainless steel
  • ISO 9001 registered company
A Blocklift locking gas strut manufactured by Camloc available in carbon or 316L Stainless Steel