Safety Locking Gas Strut with Shroud – Econoloc

Econoloc eliminates the need for separate safety rods. Positively locking when fully‐extended, they protect users from injury in the event of overload or misuse.

Safety Shroud Gas Struts

Gas Strut Size Range Range of Stroke Lengths (in 5mm increments) Range of Tube Lengths (in 1mm increments) Force Range (in 10 Newton increments) Thread Type (M)
8-18 100-300 135-345 100-650    (22-146lbs) M6 x 1.0
10-23 100-400 140-445 150-1200   (34-269lbs) M8 x 1.25
14-28 100-500 155-555 200-2500  (45-562lbs) M10 x 1.5

Our safety shroud gas struts – the Econoloc – eliminates the need for separate safety rods. They positively lock when fully‐extended, protecting the operator from potential injury in the event of overload or misuse.

The Econoloc is manually‐released by applying thumb pressure to the designated area of the safety locking shroud, allowing the gas spring to compress in a controlled manner. The locking shroud is finished with the same coating as the gas spring body, providing excellent corrosion‐resistance. A guide inside the shroud prevents scratching of the gas spring cylinder.

The Econoloc range of gas springs combine superior quality with the added safety feature required in many heavy duty applications such as trucks, construction machinery, switch gear and agricultural equipment. A single safety shroud gas spring is usually used in conjunction with our standard fixed force gas spring – the Swift and Sure..

Through our bespoke service offering, we can work with you to provide gas strut solutions outside of the standard type and sizes found in the above table. Talk with one of our engineering team by filling in the Contact Us form if you require further assistance.

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• Eliminates the need for separate safety rods in critical lift-assist operations
• Operates automatically
• Safe & easy to use
• Self-contained unit
• Maintenance free
• BS EN ISO 9001 Registered Company


Camloc Motion Control - econoloc black and yellow strut