Hydraulic Lift

Our hydraulic lift has been designed for applications where height and positional adjustments are required. A classic example of a hydraulic lift in action is when the height of your chair is adjusted at the hairdressers. A foot pedal is used to release the internal oil that raises the seat height. Other common applications for this product include adjusting the height and positions of backrests on hospital beds, treatment couches, similar medical equipment and lifting platforms.

What does a hydraulic lift do? 

The hydraulic lift provides an ideal solution when you need to adjust the height and position of an application easily. 

The foot peal can be pumped to raise the height of the object or pressed to release the oil and lower to the desired position. 

Model No Stroke
Closed Length
Extended Length
Lifting Force
daN (kg)
Rod End Options Tube End Options Lifting Feature / Rate
GS-HL-8641A- 100 212 312 620 Fork (Y)
Hole (D)
rod end available
on all models
Eye (E)
Clevis (C)
Blank (B)
tube end available
on all
Normal (N) – 9mm/Pump
GS-HL-8642A- 140 252 392 470 Fast (F) – 12mm/Pump
GS-HL-8643A- 140 252 392 900 Slow (S) – 6mm/Pump
GS-HL-8645A- 200 312 512 620 Normal (N) – 9mm/Pump
GS-HL-8646A- 200 375 575
GS-HL-8647A- 200 500 700
GS-HL-8648A- 250 362 612
GS-HL-8649A- 300 412 712
GS-HL-8650A- 400 512 912 200 Fast (F) – 12mm/Pump
* Note: Tolerancing on stated extended and closed lengths is +/- 2mm


What are the key benefits of a hydraulic lift? 

  • Simple operation, lifting with a single lever 
  • No power supply required 
  • Lifts up to 900kg 
  • Nine models available 
  • Easy installation 
  • Maintenance free 


How does a hydraulic lift work? 

Each hydraulic lift is fitted with a pedal which is used to raise or lower the height of the application. To lift the load, the foot pedal has to be depressed through an arc of approximately 45 degrees several times until it reaches the required height by the operator. To lower the load (or compress the hydraulic lift), the foot pedal is simply moved upwards by approximately 10 degrees. 


Will it work for my requirements? 

We offer a bespoke service, and our team of experienced engineers will work with you to provide gas spring solutions, even if it is outside the standard type and sizes.   

We pride ourself on our service to customers, with design engineers on hand to work with you using the latest CAD/CAE techniques. Recognising that no two applications are the same, we provide engineered solutions to meet your exact requirements. 

 Our products page has more information about the various range of solutions that we provide. 

Talk to one of our team on +44 (0)116 274 3600 or fill in the Contact Us form and we will get back to you. 

What sizes do you offer? 

 The product is offered in a single size with a range of stroke lengths to suit the application. 


What options are available? 

  • Available in a range of strokes from 100 – 400mm 
  • Lifting force from 200 – 900kg 
  • Array of end types can be used
  • Hydraulic lifts can be used in an environment where the ambient temperature is between -10 to +70 degrees centigrade. 


“Technical experience, wide range of products and flexibility in terms of delivery are key points as to why we work with the team at Camloc.”


Jean-Louis, General Manager at EPCi Engineering


How does Camloc operate? 

Continuous investment in our staff and the latest hardware keeps us at the forefront of our industry, ensuring we continuously adopt the latest manufacturing processes from our facility, and we successfully problem-solve for our customers. We continue to enhance and evolve our production processes using lean manufacturing methods, something we have been doing since 2001. 

We deliver high-quality products that cover a wide range of industry sectors, across the UK, USA, Europe and around the world. 

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Hydraulic Lift