Gas Strut Mounting Brackets

Camloc designs its mounting brackets and pins to offer customers a wide range of options to suit almost any application.

Specially Designed Mounting Brackets to Compliment Our Range of Gas Springs

Our gas strut mounting brackets suit our extensive range of end fittings, creating a wide range of easy-to-assemble fixing options.

Available in a wide range of styles, including 90°, flat and raised, the brackets are drilled to accept a variety of fixings – making it easier to fasten to timber and steel frameworks using screws or dowels. They are designed to accept DIN/ISO standard fixings.

Manufactured in carbon steel with zinc and clear passivate, all of our gas strut mounting brackets achieve a minimum of 72 hours of salt spray testing under ASTM B117. They are designed for ease of assembly with ball pins for ball joints and ISO thread for threaded pins for lock nuts and split pins. The brackets combine compact design with strength – offering an extensive force range capability.

Mounting Brackets Benefits

• Easy installation
• A wide range of end fit options available
• Salt spray tested under ASTM B117
• BS EN ISO 9001 Registered Company

Through our bespoke service offering, we can work with you to provide gas spring solutions outside of the standard type and size range. Talk with one of our engineering team by filling in the Contact Us form if you require further assistance.

To access our wealth of information on gas spring, damper and motion control solutions – head over to our Technical Support page.

Camloc mounting brackets. Metal various shapes.