Adjustable Force Gas Strut – VARI‐LIFT

VARI‐LIFT is the adjustable force version of the ‘Swift & Sure’ designed to be de-gassed whilst in position on the application, saving you both time and effort.

Adjustable Gas Struts Designed to Meet Individual Preferences

VARI‐LIFT is an adjustable force gas spring that can be set to meet your exacting standards. It can also be adjusted whilst in position on the application, saving you both time and effort.

Key benefits include:

• No need to calculate force
• Adjustable to any force within range
• Force can be adjusted after installation
• Simple adjustment using standard tool supplied
• Ideal for prototyping and short production runs
• Available as an option on most types of Camloc gas springs
• Ideal where application weights vary
• Available in stainless steel
• BS EN ISO 9001 Registered Company

All standard, shrouded, multi-positional and stainless steel gas struts are available in a VARI‐LIFT version which can be adjusted to meet individual preferences as well as being adjusted in‐situ.

The gas springs are charged to their maximum force during manufacture. By using the tool provided, gas can be gradually released via the VARI‐LIFT valve at the end of the tube to provide the force suited to your application.

VARI‐LIFT gas springs can be used during product prototyping to attain the required force for fixed force production gas springs. They can also be used where the weight of your products vary between models and can be degassed to provide the perfect action for your needs.

Our Technical Support page has an abundance of useful information, including advice on De-Gassing a VARI-LIFT.

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