Signage and Monitor Arms

Signage Solutions Gas Struts

From digital advert displays to large passenger information displays, motion control solutions are an essential part of signage projects that are often overlooked until late on in the project.

Our standard range of gas struts and dampers are well-suited to a range of signage applications. Our expert team of highly skilled engineers will work closely with you to determine the best option for your requirements, and tailor bespoke solutions if you require them.

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Our superior range of gas springs and dampers suited to signage and monitor arms.

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Passenger Information Systems Gas Struts

Over the years, our highly skilled engineers have worked closely in collaboration with industry leaders of passenger and customer information systems. It has been found during this time that ease-of-access and safety are key areas to consider. By working alongside our clients from the initial design stage, we have been able to resolve potential motion control, access and safety issues before they arise.
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Monitor Arm Gas Struts

In association with industry-based design engineers, we worked to develop easily adjustable monitor arms to suit client specific needs. Our multi-positional gas spring counter balances the weight of the screen, offering smooth single-handed operation.
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ATM/Kiosk Gas Struts & Dampers

Often gas springs and dampers are the last thing to be considered on your application. If this is the case, our team of dedicated engineers will work with you to find the best possible solution. Preventing slamming of heavy panels to provide extra safety to the operator is a common requirement when servicing and maintaining ATMs or kiosks.
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Digital Media and Signage Gas Struts

Specialising in bespoke made-to-order products with full control of the manufacturing process from our UK base, allows us to contend with continuous innovation within digital media and signage. Our highly competitive lead times prove increasingly beneficial in an industry which is rapidly changing and where innovation is key.
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