Private Aircraft Interior Gas Struts & Dampers

Understanding private aircraft possesses a heavy focus on being well-designed, aesthetically pleasing and strives to make intelligent use of available space. Working with our highly-qualified team from concept design not only takes away the stress later down the project life cycle but also encourages substantial initial cost-savings.

With private aircraft interiors more-often than not being bespoke to specific customer requirements, our bespoke offering is ideal for tailor-made motion control solutions to meet the end-users exacting standards. Our engineering support begins at concept design, continuing right through to project completion.

For applications where lift assistance and ease-of-use for the end-user is required, such as lift-up-beds for example, our standard fixed force, compression gas spring – the Swift and Sure – is an ideal option. It has the characteristics of a compression spring which, coupled with a small force as it extends, provides a controlled rate of movement. Once the extension is almost complete, oil damping occurs due to a hydraulically cushioned zone.

Our traction lockable gas spring – the Blocklift – is fitted with a special locking valve that will only allow the spring to be released when the pin is pressed. Blocklift gas springs can be stopped at any position during operation, working in a similar fashion to conventional gas springs, with the addition of an internal locking mechanism. These gas springs are the ideal solution for seating found within private aircraft.

Both our standard fixed force Swift and Sure and Blocklift have the capacity to come in 316L Stainless Steel. This being a popular choice across a variety of sectors when considering ‘luxury’.

Specific applications include but are not limited to:

  • Luxury passenger seating
  • Standard passenger seating
  • Pilot seating
  • Lift-up beds
  • Storage compartments
  • Fold away tables

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