Digital Media and Signage Gas Struts

We specialise in tailor-made products and have full control of the manufacturing process from our UK base, which allows us to contend with continuous innovation within digital media and signage. Our highly competitive lead times prove increasingly beneficial in an industry that is rapidly changing and where progress is key.

We understanding the vast number of potential applications which can be found within the digital media and signage sector and offer a wide range of gas springs enabling hassle-free design. We manufacture gas struts for all purposes providing numerous options to meet the specific needs of our customers. 


When traveling by road, wayfinders are an essential way to help road users get from A to B. With their purpose in mind, it’s critical that any components within these applications will withstand typical weather conditions while remaining in working order. We use only the highest-quality materials, which mean our motion control solutions are the ideal partner for wayfinders. 


This popular style of vertical signage, typically featuring logos and branding, is an effective way to showcase information about a business in an eye-catching way. Due to the regular updating and changing of these to suit their goals, the motion control solutions used within them need to be strong, durable and can withstand weather conditions, which is where our gas struts and dampers come in. 

Digital screens in bus shelters 

Conveying important information to travellers, digital screens in bus shelters help keep the transport sector moving on time. Gas struts, dampers and other motion control solutions play an essential role in keeping this signage in working order, safe from both the elements and potential damage. When you work with us, our highly skilled engineers provide free technical support service, which enables us to offer a bespoke solution to meet your exact requirements. 

Poster boxes 

Our gas struts and dampers form part of many applications within the signage industry, including poster boxes. These motion control solutions provide the strength and durability that is needed for these applications and are the ideal fit for an industry that is rapidly changing, and where innovation is key. 

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Our team of expert engineers are here to support you with all your manufacturing and engineering needs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, don’t worry, our engineers enjoy a challenge, and we will be able to create your bespoke solution for you. 

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We provide technical support throughout the whole journey of your project. We are here to get it right for you.

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