Things to consider when mounting a gas strut

Ever wondered what you should do and shouldn't be doing when it comes to mounting gas struts? Follow our tips to make the most out of your motion control solutions and ensure the success of your project.

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In this blog post, we will be covering what you should do and what you shouldn’t when it comes to mounting gas struts as these simple guiding practices will help to make the most out of this motion control solution and ensure the success of your project.

In our latest FAQ video, our MD Matt Warne demonstrates how a gas strut be mounted to ensure optimal use. Things to consider include; the rods pointing downwards when mounting, sideloading, to the operating temperatures.


  • Mount the struts with the rod facing down
  • Mount the gas struts in pairs
  • Think about the end fittings you are using
  • Think about gas strut operating temperatures


  • Use a gas strut as an end-of-motion stop, as this will reduce the life of the seal

Read more about gas strut and dampers mount and positioning in our help centre here.

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Our YouTube channel is packed full of advice, frequently asked questions and technical information about gas struts. Take a look at our channel and let us know if you have a question about gas struts that we have not covered.


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