Get your project moving with Camloc Motion Control

At Camloc Motion Control, we have been designing and manufacturing bespoke motion control solutions with an instinct for understanding what our clients need and how we can get their projects moving. When you work with us, you won’t be left with a standard solution, but one that is tailored to your brief with your unique situation in mind. 

From our UK base, we export our products worldwide, both direct to customers and through our distributor network and this has allowed us to work in a wide variety of essential sectors and environments enabling our customers to push the limitations of their projects and achieve the best possible results. Our solutions have been used in everything from operating tables to the protection systems used in armoured vehicles and we are proud to see our products used in innovative ways that keep the world moving. We’re proud that our solutions are versatile and enduring enough to have been utilised in a wide variety of industries from operating tables to airplanes, the sky really is the limit. 

Our story 

It has been over 30 years since we first opened our doors and began to make our mark on the world of manufacturing. In fact, our business can trace its roots back since long before we started designing and building gas struts and dampers. 

Our origins date back to when we began with our work in the aerospace sector, all the way through to automotive and beyond enabled travel, exploration and taken thousands of projects to the next level. Having been handed over ownership by various multi-national corporations has meant that we have acquired a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience in some of the world’s most demanding industries.   

For example, we were one of the pioneers of the BS5750 quality standard and our commitment to quality as a mainstay of our business remains as much of a priority now as when we first set out on this journey.  

Learn more about our history here. 

Our mission 

At Camloc Motion Control, we’re firm believers that living and working by your values is what sets you up for success and allows you to create products that you’re proud of. Our mission statement and values reflect who we are and how we conduct ourselves: 

“Camloc combines creativity with engineering excellence to overcome challenges in how to lift, lower and control.” 

“Our values are the expression of what it means to ‘be Camloc’ and what it is that makes Camloc special. A team spirit and culture doesn’t come by accident and nor does the length of service our people to the bring to the business. It’s because of the values we live by that makes Camloc what it is, and the pride our team takes in doing what they do each day,” Matt Warne, Joint Managing Director & Co-owner at Camloc Motion Control Limited. 

Learn more about our values here. 

Our process 

We want to help our customers get the best from their motion control solutions, and so we’ve compiled this handy guide so you know exactly what to expect when you work with us.  

Step 1: Complete all the boxes on the application form  

Step 2: Our experts work with you to create your ideal solution 

Step 3: We’ll send you a proposal with everything you need  

Step 4: Place your order and we’ll manufacture it in our Leicester factory  

Step 5: Delivered on time and ready to fit  

Working with us means that you get a made to measure bespoke solution. We take the time to understand exactly what you’re looking for and if we think another option might work better, we’ll let you know.  

Learn more about our process here. 

We’re with you every step of the way from the design to delivery process but it doesn’t end there, we will ensure that your gas struts are fitted, maintained and still performing at their best, long after the delivery date. 

Interested in learning more about working with us, check out our YouTube video today. 

What to do now 

Need to lift, lower or control something? Get in touch with us today. 

We can help you with all your manufacturing and engineering needs, if you can’t see what you’re looking for on our website, don’t worry, we will still be able to do it. Just give us a call or send us an email with your brief or project requirements, and we’ll see what we can do.  

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