Understanding gas struts and why they are crucial components in so many sectors

Gas struts are innovative devices that play a crucial role in providing controlled and smooth motion in a variety of applications. At Camloc Motion Control, we specialise in designing and manufacturing high-quality engineered gas springs, struts and damper solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of diverse projects. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of gas struts and explore where you can find them in action.

How do gas struts work? 

Gas struts consist of a cylinder filled with compressed gas and a piston rod. When an external force is applied to the piston rod, the gas within the cylinder gets compressed, resulting in the storage of potential energy. Once the force is released or reduced, the stored energy is utilised to provide controlled extension or compression motion. 

Advantages and versatility of gas struts: 

One of the notable advantages of gas struts is their ability to provide adjustable force. This allows them to be customised according to specific requirements and applications. Gas struts offer a wide range of forces and strokes to suit the needs of various projects, ensuring optimal performance and safety. 

Gas struts are hugely important because of their ability to provide controlled and precise movement. They are designed to absorb and dampen shocks, vibrations and impacts, ensuring smooth and controlled motion in various applications. This feature is particularly crucial in industries where precision and safety are paramount, such as automotive and aerospace. 

Applications of gas struts 

Gas struts are extensively used in a wide range of industries and applications. For instance, they are employed in automotive engineering to assist with the smooth opening and closing of car bonnets and boots. They provide the necessary support and controlled movement, ensuring easy opening and closing of these components. Gas struts also assist in maintaining the desired position of these parts, eliminating the need for additional mechanical supports and improving accessibility for maintenance and repairs.  

In the aerospace industry, gas struts are utilised in aircraft doors and access panels, ensuring controlled movement with minimal effort. Examples include aircraft overhead storage compartments, passenger seating solutions, foldaway tables, storage compartments in emergency vehicles, and folding crew seating. Gas struts provide smooth and controlled movement, allowing for easy access to storage areas and comfortable seating arrangements. 

For applications that require lift assistance and ease of use, such as full-flat bed seating, Camloc offers locking gas struts with a special locking valve. These gas struts can be stopped at any position during operation, providing controlled manoeuvrability when positioning the seat. 

Gas struts are also critical in the medical sector. The range of products offered by Camloc varies widely. For example, in hospital wards, our gas struts and dampers provide controlled motion for bed adjustment and the movement of overbed tables. The dampers ensure smooth control and operation of the descent of the backrest, making treatments easier and more comfortable for patients.  

Gas struts help to maintain stability and control in moving parts, preventing sudden movements or jerks that could lead to accidents or damage to equipment. They also play a vital role in enhancing ergonomics and user experience.  

Gas struts also contribute to increased efficiency and productivity in manufacturing processes. They are widely employed in assembly lines and production equipment to assist with lifting, lowering and positioning heavy components or machinery. By reducing the physical strain on workers and streamlining operations, gas struts help to optimise workflow and enhance productivity. 

Camloc also offers hydraulic dampers, which help protect machinery and operators from impact forces, ensuring that the equipment continues to perform at the levels required for success. This is particularly crucial for machinery uptime and reliability requirements in the industrial automation sector. 

The importance of gas struts in various industries cannot be overstated. Their ability to provide controlled motion, enhance ergonomics and improve productivity makes them indispensable in automotive, aerospace, medical and manufacturing sectors, to name but a few. Gas struts not only ensure safety and precision but also contribute to user comfort and operational efficiency. With their wide range of applications and benefits, gas struts have become an integral component in numerous industrial processes, playing a crucial role in enhancing overall performance and functionality. 

Why choose Camloc for your gas strut needs? 

Camloc Motion Control is a trusted name in the industry, renowned for our expertise in designing and manufacturing high-quality gas struts. With our extensive experience and commitment to excellence, we take pride in providing customised solutions that meet the unique requirements of our clients. 

Our range of engineered gas springs, struts and dampers are meticulously designed and manufactured to ensure reliability, durability and efficiency. Whether it’s the door of a specialist vehicle or the hidden mechanisms of an operating table, our gas strut solutions will help you achieve the desired range of motion essential for the proper functioning of your application. 

With Camloc at your side, you can be confident in obtaining high-quality, customised gas strut solutions that meet your project requirements. Explore the possibilities and experience the benefits of gas struts in your applications today. 

For guidance on installing, mounting or maintaining gas struts, please see the Help Centre section of our website.  

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