Hospital Ward Gas Struts & Dampers

Hospital Ward Gas Struts and Dampers

With years of experience working with the medical sector, we understand exactly how important motion control solutions are in these specialised environments. These solutions and the products they support must be reliable, functional and cope with the wear and tear of daily use in high-pressure situations.

At Camloc Motion Control, we design solutions that last and our range of products are tailored to suit a variety of applications. Whether it’s adjusting someone’s position in bed to make them more comfortable or increasing the height of an overbed table so that their independence can be maintained, we’re proud to support the essential and lifesaving work that takes place in the medical industry.

Wheelchairs / Patient Handling Chairs using gas struts and dampers


Wheelchairs / Patient Handling Chairs 

The wellbeing and safety of patients is paramount in any medical setting and our motion control solutions provide support and flexible movement wherever it is needed. 

For example, our locking gas struts allow for the controlled tilt of any seat which allows it to be fixed in any required position. This is not only important for patient comfort but meets the requirements needed for certain procedures and tests to take place. The control of the tilt can be seen when the gas spring is partnered with our hydraulic release lever system. We understand the strength and effort required when moving patients and this is why we have designed our motion control solutions to take that weight from staff and provide a seamless range of movement. This minimises effort and maximises control for the carer or staff member, while safely achieving the correct position for the patient.  

When seat height and back rest adjustment are required, our locking gas struts enable height and back rest adjustment for children’s postural seating. The differing locking types available allow the seating to react as the designer intended providing the maximum support and desired dynamic movement for the user. 

Ward Beds - Leg Rests/Support using gas struts

Ward Beds

From cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) back rests and leg support to side rails and bed rise assistance, our motion control solutions are here to support both medical staff and patients. 

Our hydraulic dampers provide the required controlled means to lower the back rest of the bed for CPR. In high-pressure moments like this, having motion control solutions fit for purpose is essential for the best possible outcome.  

During stays in medical settings, the comfort of patients is paramount which is why when designing and creating leg rests geared at providing support, fitting a multi-positional telescopic stay allows the rest to be positioned in a variety of angles for optimum patient comfort. 

When thinking about the design and requirements for patient beds, every safety detail must be taken into consideration. This is why we ensure that our dampers reduce the risk of finger trapping when lowering the bedside rails. 

The movement of beds into optimal positions is essential in hospitals and on patient wards. Our range of fixed force compression gas struts help provide assistance where necessary to lift and lower. This reduces the strain on medical professionals and allows for easy adjustment. 

Hospital overbed table using gas struts and dampers

Overbed Tables

At Camloc Motion Control, we do our best to ensure that no detail, no matter how small, is overlooked. In terms of the movement range required with patient overbed tables, we try to think of everything. An impressive range of movement can be achieved with the use of locking gas springs – enabling the table to be locked at any height required for easy patient accessibility. 

We’re no stranger to the fact that while solutions need to have an impressive range of motion, they must also be able to support themselves in certain positions. With the use of our telescopic stay adjustment is easy – allowing the top to be locked off in a series of different angles to suit the needs of the patient. 

Hospital Drugs Cabinets / Trolleys using Gas Struts And Dampers

Drugs Cabinets / Trolleys

In medical situations, access to what you need when you need it is key. For easy opening and access, our gas springs provide the ideal solution to opening and holding cabinet lids. An alternative to the gas spring is a manually operated multi-positional stay, allowing the lid to be held at different positions. 

The closing of draws is an often-overlooked function in medical settings. With the use of our telescopic stays, angle adjustment is easy – allowing the top to be locked off in a series of different angles to suit the needs of the patient. Our range of hydraulic dampers can be used to provide the soft close function necessary to prevent finger traps when an unsupported lid is closed. 

Hospital Mobile Workstation Carts Using Gas Struts and Dampers

Mobile Workstation Carts

Multi-positional display screens and tablets often require the use of friction locking compression gas struts to hold displays in place for the individual user. Having the correct motion control solutions in place is a simple yet effective way to increase patient comfort and also to ensure that the display can be adjusted to suit different patient needs. In terms of height adjustment, for portable workstations this can be achieved through the use of our locking gas springs. 

Camloc team standing in the camloc factory
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