Construction and Commercial Vehicles

The construction and commercial vehicle industries are part of the backbone of our world as we grow, build and develop. Understanding the requirements and specifications of these industries is key to designing and manufacturing solutions that operate as they are required to. Our team specialises in working on complex projects within demanding construction environments, both in the UK and internationally.

We have a long history of working in partnership with industry leaders within construction and commercial vehicles. Through these long-standing relationships, we have worked on a wide variety of projects which have required engineering support from concept design, right through to completion and beyond.  

In an industry where efficiency and meeting deadlines is essential and a number of stakeholders are involved on any given project, we boast a 99% on-time delivery and highly competitive lead times – offering you peace of mind that we are a reliable addition to your operation.  

JCB diggers working in a pile of brown hardcore rubble

Backhoe Loaders 

Backhoe loaders are a key specialist vehicle in the construction industry and allow much of the essential work to be completed. For rear window lift applications, our fixed force compression gas struts provide the ideal amount of strength and mobility. When utilising space and enhancing operator comfort, we have a variety of motion control solutions that work well within this type of application. When dealing with control pod arm adjustment, we often recommend using our locking gas struts as they can provide the rigid locking that is needed while at the same time providing the required range of movement. 

With bonnet access, the right motion control solution is an essential consideration for long-term success. Our safety gas looking strut with shroud is the ideal solution as it provides the required levels of access and security while also protecting operators and technicians in the event of overload. 

Construction vehicles often come with a number of requirements for motion control solutions, with our more popular choice of gas spring being the fixed force compression gas struts. Available in an extensive range of sizes, with a wide range of end connectors and brackets, it is an entirely self-contained, maintenance-free, hydro-pneumatic ram that has the characteristics of a compression spring and is ideally suited on vehicles of any size. 

Construction and Commercial Vehicles Gas Struts


In order to build up the world around us, it’s important to ensure that we excavate what is needed. As this type of specialist vehicle is required to lift, move and lower heavy materials, the motion control solution that is required needs to be able to efficiently do the same. 

With seat control arm adjustment, locking gas struts provide the mobility needed for this type of essential work while, for pressurised cap door openings, our expert engineers recommend using one of fixed force compression gas struts because this solution is available in both carbon and stainless steel, in an extensive range of sizes, and end fittings. 

When looking for an application for the battery or ad-blue compartment access of an excavators, our safety gas locking strut will provide strength and longevity in equal measure, making it the ideal solution for this type of application. 


Auto-transport Carrying New Fiat Cars In European City Street. Auto Transport Broker Or Car Transporter. Auto-transport Carrying New Fiat Cars In City Street. Auto Transport Broker Or Car Transporter

Fleet Vehicle Conversions 

For fleet vehicle conversions, many different elements need to be considered. From the storage solutions and toolboxes where our fixed force compression gas struts work well, to the ladder rack dampers where we recommend using our hydraulic dampers due to their ability to perfectly control movement at all times. Our solutions are here to help you lift, lower and control your projects, and our team is here to support you. 

Road cleaner cleaning autumnal leaves from a road

Street Sweepers 

A specialist vehicle we often take for granted, street sweepers utilise a wide range of motion control solutions to move efficiently and with total control. To provide the required range of motion on the suction control arm and the sweeping arm control, fixed force compression gas struts provide the ideal solutions for both these applications. 

Adult woman on the tailgate of an SUV with her dog

Utility Vehicles 

Utility vehicles require a unique range of motion control solutions that are not required for standard vehicles. 

For example, for GRP tailgate lifts, fixed force compression gas struts provide the correct range of motion needed, and thanks to the high-quality materials we use in all our products, it means they are designed and manufactured to last. 

When looking for the ideal solution for an application such as a loading ramp, you will need something that can control its range of movement, and this is where our fixed force compression gas struts come in. 

For an application like drop-down shelving, our hydraulic dampers will provide you with the range of movement you’re looking for.