Caravan, Trailer and Motorhome

At Camloc Motion Control, our team has the combined experience required to get any project moving and this extends to specialist vehicles such as caravans, trailers and motorhomes. These vehicles face more demanding requirements and conditions than standard transport options, so the solutions they include must be able to withstand the elements.

As caravans, trailers and motorhomes continue to evolve, we have worked with industry leaders to provide the best possible solutions surrounding motion control for internal and external applications. 

As manufacturing and engineering continue to advance and bring innovation to all aspects of specialised transport, high-quality motion control solutions need to be designed to be fit for purpose as they are in high demand. With more than 30 years of industry experience, our team of engineers will work with you to understand the requirements of your project and the task at hand in order to design and manufacture the ideal solution. 

RV caravan camping at the caravan park on a peaceful lake with mountains on the horizon. Camping vacation family travel concept


Due to the sheer size and weight of the average caravan, this specialised vehicle requires motion control solutions that provide strength without additional weight in order to allow the caravan to move freely and travel efficiently. 

Motion control solutions can be found in many parts of a caravan, from exterior windows and ramps to the storage solutions in the interior. 

To save valuable space, a drop-down bed frame lift often is essential. This solution uses our fixed force compression gas struts as they will efficiently lift, lower and control the bed to save space where it is limited. 

Maximising space and making use of both the interior and exterior is key to a functional caravan. Having an integrated awning is a great way for the designer to provide weather protection and to make use of all available outdoor space. Our awning lifts use our fixed force compression gas struts as they are strong enough to cope with the additional weight from rain, and survive less than optimal weather conditions. Lifting, lowering and controlling are what our solutions do best, and this is an ideal example.  

With interiors, storage is key. Our telescopic stays work well within caravan cupboards or any project where weight must be held or supported at various angles, such as with storage.  

With safety being critical for the end-user when, for example, accessing storage compartments, lifting Ottoman beds or changing gas bottles, our fixed force compression gas struts have proven to be popular. Offering an extensive range of sizes with a wide range of end connectors and brackets, these solutions provide a controlled rate of movement across the full length of the stroke prior to oil damping occurring due to a hydraulically cushioned zone. 

Caravan, Trailer and Motorhome Gas Struts


Similar in some ways to caravans, motorhomes also need to be fitted with specialist motion control solutions that allow them to be efficient, practical and, of course, safe on the roads. 

There are a range of various applications within every corner of a motorhome, from the pop-top roof lift where our adjustable force gas struts are ideally placed, to the guider bar assembly used to support and control the movement of a pop top roof bed assembly. 

In the same way that caravans need to make use of the limited space available, motorhomes are effectively the same, acting as a bedroom, kitchen and living space all in one. Beds that can be moved away when not needed will save space and have a range of practical benefits. To manoeuvre beds out of the way, our fixed force compression gas struts provide the strength and mobility required.  

Traveling by airplane. Suitcases in luggage trailer in blurred motion at airport.


Combining strength and mobility, the motion control solutions that are required for trailers must meet the safety requirements that allow them to travel by road easily and efficiently.  

When used for outdoor event catering, our safety locking gas struts are the ideal solution to a trailer’s serving hatch access. They provide the range of movement that is required to shield customers from the environment, and a safety locking feature to protect them in the event of high winds or other extreme conditions, while our fixed force compression gas struts provide the strength required for the trail ramp lift.