Camloc – The Home of Motion Control

At Camloc Motion Control Limited, over the last 25 years from our base in Leicester, UK, we have built an enviable reputation for designing and manufacturing quality engineered solutions in movement control.

We design and produce high-end gas struts and gas springs for industrial machinery – providing motion control mechanisms for vehicles, right through to portable objects required for applications within numerous industrial, engineering and domestic settings.

For more than a quarter of a century, our team of technical engineers has designed and manufactured gas springs, dampers, gas struts and other motion control parts, including our very own Vari-Lift, to ensure the safe and reliable manoeuvrability of equipment that requires anything from lowering and counterbalancing weights, right through to lifting.

Typically incorporated by engineers designing parts which need controlled movement, our springs contain pressurised nitrogen gas and oil which ensures the seamless movement of the parts. We offer a vast selection of gas springs for a range of applications including, but not limited to, construction and agricultural machinery, sunbeds and stair-lifts – all with many benefits including compact design, long-life and complete safety – supporting moving parts weighing anything from just a few kilograms up to half a tonne.

These include our Swift & Sure, Stop & Stay, Econoloc and Blocklift which between them can be applied to lock motion, be used to multi-position parts as well as to prevent injury.

Our specialist range of gas springs include the Vari-Lift and stainless steel gas springs, available in a variety of sizes and with complete adjustability. The stainless steel gas springs prove most popular among industries requiring increased corrosion resistance. And, our Hydraulic System is the perfect solution for tail lifts or medical applications where electro-hydraulic lifting is required.

Ensuring we cater for all movement requirements, we also manufacture a range of dampers, end fittings and mounting brackets to guarantee easy-to-assemble fixing options for any gas spring applications. With our wealth of experience and testing capabilities, we have the flexibility and manufacturing resources to react quickly to engineers’ demands. We even cover velocity controls and momentum change, meaning you will not need to go anywhere else for your motion control essentials.

Here at Camloc Motion Control, we pride ourselves on the fact that our excellent team of technical design engineers can offer a bespoke design service, so that when you purchase from us, we are able to work closely with you to design the gas spring you want. With the use of the latest CAD technology we can reassure you that if we don’t sell something to fit your requirements, we can work efficiently to produce it.

If you would like more information on Camloc or if you have any questions regarding gas springs, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of technical specialists who will be happy to assist you.