Self Centering Damper

Our latest product is the Self Centering Damper, known to Camloc as the ‘Cam-Shoc SCD’ range. It is an extremely cost-effective product offering a solution for a range of engineering situations. This damper is available in both carbon and stainless steel, in an extensive range of sizes, and end fittings for a wide variety of applications.

Self centring Damper

What does the self centering damper do?

The self centering damper is a bi-directional damper designed to allow movement in both extension and compression, with a controlled rate of return from either direction to a neutral, mid-stroke position.  

Self centering dampers are non-cavitating and as such can be mounted in any orientation without loss of function. This damper is the overwhelming choice on all applications where the end-user interacts with the damper due to its superior “feel”.  

These dampers can also be found in a seat suspension system application where no direct enduser interaction is required with the damper. 

How does the self centering damper work?

Gas struts and dampers make up a wide variety of the motion control solutions that we rely on each day. The self centering dampers replace a combination of springs and dampers with a single compact and cost-effective unit.  

The most common use of this technology is to control the hydrostatic transmissions on zero-turn lawn mowers and accelerator pedals for small to medium size tractors.  When the damper is linked to a control lever or pedal it provides a controlled rate of actuation and return to a positive neutral position. 

If you have a project where an item needs to be pushed forward or pulled backwards, and then return to a central ‘neutral’ position, our self centering damper could be the answer. 

This is an entirely self-contained motion control solution combining the properties of both a damper and a gas spring. It has the characteristics of a traditional damper which, when partnered with a small change in force as it extends and retracts, provides a diverse, controlled rate of movement.   

If you are looking for guidance on installing, mounting or maintaining dampers, visit our Help Centre today. 

What are the key benefits of a self centering damper?

  • Automatically returns to a central position 
  • Bi-directional, non-cavitating damping 
  • Available in two stroke lengths 
  • Available in two centering forces 
  • Available in carbon or 316L stainless steel 
  • UK manufactured product 
  • ISO 9001 registered company 
  • Can be supplied with a range of end fittings 
  • Compact design with high durability and reliability 

What sizes do you offer? 

Two different stroke lengths

Gas Strut Size Centering Force (N/lbs) Material  Stroke (mm)- Extended Length Thread Type
8-23 40 (9) Carbon / Stainless Steel +/- 19 – 188 – Extention and Compression M6 x 1.0
8-23 56 (12) Carbon / Stainless Steel +/- 19 – 188 – Extention and Compression M6 x 1.0
8-23 40 (9) Carbon / Stainless Steel +/- 30 – 287 – Extention and Compression M6 x 1.0
8-23 56 (12) Carbon / Stainless Steel +/- 30 – 287 – Extention and Compression M6 x 1.0


What options are available?

  • Two different stroke lengths
  • Two different centering force settings
  • Available in 316 stainless steel
  • Wide range of nylon and stainless-steel end fittings
  • Food safe options
  • Non-magnetic / medically safe construction options
  • Light, regular or heavy damping


What Our Customers Say

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James Smith – Industrial Sales Manager – Clarendon Specialty Fasteners.

How does Camloc operate?

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