We asked Conner a few questions about his time with us so far. This is what he had to say. 

When did you start working for Camloc and how long have you been here? 

I began working for Camloc in September 2017 as an apprentice, so I’ve been here for just over five years. 

How has your role progressed during that time? 

My role to start with was based in the model shop, where I learned to use a variety of machines such as the lathe, miller, band saw and surface grinder, to make test components and tooling for the shop floor to use during production. 

When the company invested in a CNC lathe for shop floor production, I was trained to set up and run the machine. During the pandemic, I was pretty much working the machine full-time in the absence of our usual CNC operator. After things calmed down, I was trained, and am still being trained, in processes across the shop floor; so far, I have learned how to set up and run the rod machine, centreless grinder, auto saw, bead roll, end close and end fit. 

What initially attracted you to the apprenticeship? 

I had already completed a BTEC in engineering and the job description of this apprenticeship included many of the things I most enjoyed about my course, such as lathe and milling work. Being involved in a job that changes daily helps keep things interesting, and opens up opportunities and experiences in different areas of engineering.

How were you supported through your apprenticeship? 

I was provided training in the use of tools and machinery that made practical assessments in college easy to complete, and there has been communication throughout to resolve problems and allow me to have a say in what I do during my time here.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about an apprenticeship at Camloc? 

My advice would be to come here with an open mind to allow you to adapt to the change in roles you have in the company, and to expect to have good throughout your time.

What is your favourite thing about working for Camloc? 

My favourite thing about Camloc is that everyone here is easy going and there isn’t any pressure put on you while working. 

What are your future ambitions? 

My future ambitions are to firstly complete a HNC that I started a few months ago, progress on to and complete a HND and then, after that, I am not sure exactly, but I hope to continue progressing in the meantime. 

It’s great to have Conner as part of the team here with us at Camloc Motion Control, and we’re looking forward to seeing him progress the longer he’s with us. 

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