How do gas struts work?

At Camloc Motion Control, we design and manufacture a wide range of engineered gas springs, struts and damper solutions to fit your requirements. Whether your project involves, for example, the door of a specialist vehicle or the hidden mechanisms of an operating table, our solutions will help you achieve the range of motion your application requires to work properly.

How do gas struts work? 

The basic principle of a gas spring is the same as a mechanical coil spring. That is because both devices have been designed and manufactured to store energy. However, the main difference is that. rather than straining the material that makes up the coil spring, a gas spring stores energy by compressing the nitrogen gas contained inside.  

Although a gas spring looks similar to a pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder, it is different as it doesn’t require an external energy source to create movement. A gas spring is a closed system and, once manufactured and charged with inert nitrogen gas, no further gas is introduced to the system for it to operate.  

With a gas spring, the pressure on either side of the piston remains equal, whether it’s fully extended or fully closed. Again, this is different to a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder that requires a pressure differential across the piston in order to move. So, if it’s the case, how does it work if no further gas is introduced, and the internal pressure remains equal?  

The reason the gas strut extends is due to the difference in cross-sectional area of the rod where the gas is unable to exert any pressure. It is the difference between the nitrogen gas pressure acting on the internal face of the rod, and the atmospheric pressure acting on the external end of the rod that causes it to extend. 

As the rod is pushed into the tube, the available volume is reduced, gas is compressed and the internal pressure increases. This compression creates the spring-like behaviour. An opening in the piston that is attached to the rod allows the flow of gas across the piston and controls the extension speed. 

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Where we come in  

We manufacture a wide range of product types which help with lifting, lowering and counterbalancing weights. Our customisable products meet the needs of each and every product or application.  

This service runs throughout the project, from design and testing, to manufacture and distribution. Our continuous commitment to quality means we always meet the highest industry standards through a product range that is manufactured here in the UK.  

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Our Help Centre is a useful resource that aims to answer your questions about our products and how to use them, browse this resource here. 

How Camloc operates

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We deliver high-quality products that cover a wide range of industry sectors, across the UK, USA, Europe and around the world.

What Our Customers Say

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