Military Vehicle and Equipment Gas Struts, Shocks & Dampers

Understanding the importance of safety within military vehicles is crucial to meeting mission objectives, and our engineers work closely with those undertaking design, development, prototyping and production of projects requiring assistance with motion control – offering best-in-class support through all stages.

Communication platforms 

Communication platforms form a vital part of military equipment, allowing trained personnel to effectively communicate with each other and make the vital decisions when they need to.  

Motion control solutions form an essential part of this lifesaving equipment, and our Stainless Steel gas struts are the ideal solution due to their versatility. They provide the support that is needed to open and raise communication platforms and equipment, keeping them working as they should. 

Through our bespoke solution offering, our engineers will work with you to find the best possible solution  


Gun support 

Gun support may be one of the first pieces of equipment that comes to mind when thinking about military vehicles and equipment and there are many motion control solutions that make these applications work as they should. Our Dampers work by providing the vital support needed within gun support applications and are an effective way to reduce vibration for gun mounting attachment and improving stability.  

With safety being imperative due to how military vehicles are used and where they are found, we understand the importance of providing a product of the highest quality, which provides the best possible solution for your application. 

Emergency escape doors 

As part of our mission, we have worked with industry leaders in the military sector on specialist projects. It’s essential that emergency escape doors work at all times, which is why our team of expert engineers will typically suggest Fixed Force Comp Springs for this type of application. The versatility and stability of these motion control solutions help provide opening assistance to emergency escape doors, keeping them moving as they should. 

Door dampers 

Our gas springs and dampers are suited for powerful tracked and wheeled military vehicles facing sophisticated land forces across a wide range of operating environments. 

In terms of the motion control solutions that keep doors working effectively, our team will often suggest using our Dampers that allow the user to control the opening and closing of armoured vehicle doors due to the additional weight because of the armouring. 

Through our bespoke solution offering, our engineers will work with you to find the best possible solution to meet the exacting standards required in military vehicles. 

Access hatches 

Armoured vehicle bonnets, doors, storage compartments and tailgates are primary examples of heavy-duty military vehicle applications where ease-of-use and safety for the end-user is crucial. 

When designing and manufacturing motion control solutions that work best for access hatches, our Fixed Force Comp Springs are the ideal application for lifting of armoured vehicle access hatches due to their strength and mobility. 

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