Rolling Stock Interior Gas Struts

The rail networks are an essential mode of transport for passengers commuting to work, for travelling to holiday destinations or for exploring new places. However, without the motion control solutions that form part of the different mechanisms within the inner workings of the trains, this would not the case.

Offering modern manufacturing techniques from our UK base, our experienced team supply some of the largest railway manufacturers in the world with the full spectrum of rail motion control solutions. Our engineers will work to provide a solution which far exceeds expectations, with our bespoke offering and short lead times separating us from our competition.

With the design of rolling stock interiors, driver and passenger comfort are key. Understanding the requirements of the rail industry means we will work with you to provide the best possible solutions for ease-of-use and safety of end-user manoeuvrability.

Rolling stock interiors often require aid with motion control to ensure the safe manoeuvrability and ease of use for the end-user. Through our method of design and manufacture, we can adapt designs to suit a customer’s exact challenge or application, which is one of the many reasons why our customers return to us time after time.

A train platform with a red and white train stopped


Locomotives require a wide range of motion control solutions, to support both driver and passenger. Driver comfort and safety is key and, when looking at solutions that are best suited for a driver’s footrest adjustment, our locking gas struts provide the correct balance of movement and stability. Similarly, it is essential for the driver’s seats to be adjustable to their heights and preferences, and our team of engineers usually recommend our locking gas struts.

When considering the solutions that would provide the most value within the locomotive engine, many factors need to be taken into consideration, including durability and movement. For the engine access panels that protect and provide vital access to the inner workings of a train, our safety locking gas strut with shroud is the ideal motion control solution.

Inside a speed train carriage showcasing the seating interior


It’s not only the key mechanisms of a train that require motion control solutions but also the carriages. For example, when considering vanity unit maintenance access, movement and resistance are important requirements and, for this, our team will often recommend our fixed force compression gas strut. But if we don’t feel this is the appropriate solution, we will think outside the box to find the right solution for your project.

For baby changing facilities, safety and support are key and, for this reason, our fixed force compression gas strut provides the ideal amount of security for parents and babies during changing.

Our hydraulic dampers are the ideal solutions to use within HVAC maintenance access panels as well as flip-up seating, as the dampers slow down the movement which has practical benefits for both these applications. With window opening control applications, our adjustable force gas struts provide the ideal range of motion, which is why our team will recommend this.