Bus, Truck and Coach

Keeping everyone moving in this busy world is a sizeable task, and one which means we rely on the likes of buses, trucks and coaches to get us from A to B each day. Without the integral workings of gas struts, dampers and other motion control solutions, the wheels on these forms of specialist transport wouldn’t be able to keep on turning. Our team of engineers have decades' worth of experience working with a wide variety of transport options, so they fully understand the unique complexities that are associated with these specialist vehicles.

When it comes to the design of bus, truck and coach applications, driver and passenger comfort are one of our primary concerns. Understanding the requirements of this industry means we will work with you to provide the best possible solutions for ease-of-use and safety of end-user manoeuvrability. 

The fact that no two applications are the same means we can guarantee you the best possible motion control solution every time. With gas springs and dampers often being an afterthought, we can work with you to resolve an issue that may occur late on into a project, or from concept design, to provide a solution before it arises. 

Bus and Coach Gas Struts


While many of us rely on buses for our daily commute and for making our way around busy towns and cities, it’s not often that people think about how internal gas struts and dampers keep this mode of transport moving at the same time as prioritising comfort for commuters. 

Buses are packed full of motion control solutions in a wide variety of ways, from the seats and storage compartments to the engine. When designing flip-up seating and the driving seat, our expert team of engineers often recommend utilising the range of motion provided by our fixed force compression gas struts. This motion control solution is also ideal for storage compartment access that needs to withstand regular use alongside the movements characterised by being on the road.  

Our products can also be found in the parts of a bus you don’t see every day, including the engine. When it comes to accessing the engine, we recommend using our safety locking gas struts with shroud to provide an effective range of movement and longevity to this crucial area of the bus. 

transportation, freight transport and vehicle concept - close up of truck on parking


Trucks differ from the standard road vehicle, both in their size and how they are used each day. For a truck’s steering column adjustment, our locking gas struts are ideally suited to the task at hand. As for the airfoil, our expert engineers recommend using our fixed force compression gas struts to provide strength and adjustability in equal measure to create the required downforce. 


When designing and manufacturing coaches, ease of use and safety are both imperative when considering applications used by passengers and coach drivers. Our gas springs provide an ideal solution for smooth seat manoeuvrability as they can be stopped at any position during operation.  

When considering the ideal application to be used within the steering column adjustment, our team will usually recommend our locking gas struts. For seating, comfort and practicality are key, which is why our fixed force compression gas struts are an effective motion control solution for flip-up seating. 

For fuel filler cap access, our fixed force compression gas struts offer security and strength where you need it most.