Monitor Arm Gas Struts

In association with industry-based design engineers, we worked to develop easily adjustable monitor arms to suit client specific needs. Our multi-positional gas spring counter balances the weight of the screen, offering smooth single-handed operation.

Monitor arm gas struts

Possessing the capabilities to work with you from concept design, our engineers have worked in association with sector-based design engineers to develop easily adjustable monitor arms to suit client specific needs. This level of engineering support we offer throughout the entirety of your projects, inclusive of industry leading after-sales care.

Our products are tailor made to order, understanding no two applications are the same, we will guarantee to provide you a bespoke solution which meets your exacting requirements. This is achieved whilst boasting competitive lead times and 99% on-time delivery, this being what sets us apart from our competitors.

With desk mounted monitor arms and multi-screen workstations now being a norm in the workplace, ease-of-use when manoeuvring said screens is imperative for the end-user. Our multi-positional stays, the Stop and Stay, are an ideal solution when considering motion control solutions for monitor arms. Providing adjustable friction control, the lock-nut is adjusted to suit the applications weight and provide the correct level of support. This applies a ‘stick-lip’ friction to the rod which once fitted allows finger-tip movement to any position required.

To make your life that bit easier, our Stop and Stay+ range comes with an internal pre-set friction control valve. These gas springs enable multi-positional holding of a counter-balanced weight without the need for manual adjustment. By pre-setting the specially-designed internal friction valve to your applications weight, this makes the Stop and Stay+ range extremely easy to fit.

Specific applications include but are not limited to:

  • Desk mounted systems
  • Ceiling mounted support arms
  • Wall mounted systems
  • In-vehicle adjustable displays and monitor arms

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