How Gas Struts Keep the Medical Sector Moving

We understand that it’s often small mechanisms that help keep vital lifesaving equipment moving and working to high standards. As a manufacturer of essential medical equipment, it’s key to make sure you have the gas struts, dampers and other motion control solutions you need to manufacture to high standards, and that’s where Camloc come in.

It’s not just about essential functionality, though. Patient comfort, lessening the strain on staff and durability are all key considerations in the design and manufacturing of medical equipment. Patients need to be able to adjust their beds so they can get a good night’s sleep, while hospital porters should be able to move beds around various wards smoothly, easily and efficiently. Motion control is the answer to ensure these outcomes happen. 

In this blog post, we will walk you through how gas struts keep the medical sector moving, and how we are the team to help you turn designs into reality. 

An Introduction to the medical sector  

The medical sector is characterised by the need for efficiency, durability and a full range of movement, because an apparatus that doesn’t have those will struggle to cope with the demands placed on it. 

From supporting those with limited mobility to withstanding the pressure placed on them thanks to complex medical procedures, any equipment within hospitals or healthcare facilities must be able to cope with the demands of regular use in high-pressure environments where the stakes are high. 

If you work within the medical sector or engineering, you will know that gas struts, dampers and other motion control solutions help keep this vital industry running smoothly and, in doing so, helps those who need it and can change lives. 

Many of the applications found in medical environments require a controlled motion for the safety of both the patient and medical staff. At Camloc, our range of products are tailored to suit many of these, from the adjustment of a ward bed or the movement of a monitor or lighting arm.  


Where gas springs can be found within the medical sector  

There is a huge variety of medical settings that require the correct motion control solutions, such as the chairs at an optometrist to operating tables in specialist hospitals. Each one of these will require a solution that meets very specific demands. 

From hospital beds and treatment chairs to hydraulic height adjustment solutions, our bespoke designs feature in all kinds of medical sector equipment. The list where hydraulic dampers can be used goes on, from CPR bed dampers and gas struts for assisting bed rise actuators to side rail dampers and patient handling equipment. 


Why choose us 

Our range of products suit a variety of applications across general healthcare, from opticians to physiotherapy, whether it’s dampers for back and leg rest adjustment on chairs and treatment couches, or gas springs to control the motion of a monitor or lighting arm.  

Many applications in a hospital ward environment require a controlled motion for the safety of both the patient and medical staff. Our range of products are tailored to suit a variety of applications – whether it’s the adjustment of a ward bed, or the movement of an overbed table. 

Our dampers provide smooth control and operation of the descent of the back rest, making treatment easier and providing more comfort for the patient. We also offer a compact manual hydraulic height adjustment system, allowing easy manoeuvrability of a bed into the required position for both the user/carer and patient. Our gas springs provide easy-to-operate, assisted opening, and holding functionality and closing for patient-handling equipment.  

Our manually-operated gas springs allow for the controlled tilt of a seat, enabling it to be stopped in any required position. The control of the tilt comes when the gas spring is teamed with our hydraulic release lever system, minimising effort and maximising control for the carer, while safely attaining the correct position for the patient. 


How we operate 

Our expert team have extensive experience within the medical sector, working closely with industry leaders to successfully deliver a variety of projects. Whatever your project requirements, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Continuous investment in our staff and the latest hardware keeps us at the forefront of our industry, ensuring we continuously adopt the latest manufacturing processes from our facility, and we successfully problem-solve for our customers.  

We continue to enhance and evolve our production processes using lean manufacturing methods, something we have been doing since 2001. We deliver high-quality products that cover a wide range of industry sectors, across the UK, USA, Europe and around the world.  

For guidance on installing, mounting or maintaining gas struts, please see the Help Centre section of our website. 


Final thoughts 

It’s clear that gas struts, dampers and other motion control solutions play a vital role in the medical sector. Having apparatus that moves exactly how you need it to, allows both patients and staff to stay safe and help each other.