Here are some of our frequently asked questions

Read through our FAQs – if you still can’t find what you are looking for, our friendly team are more than happy to help. Call +44 (0)116 274 3600.

We want our customers to have the best experience of using our products, with the best handling forces optimised to the action they want to achieve from the end product. For this reason we prefer to collaborate directly with our customers to deliver this rather than using an online calculator that takes a ‘near enough is good enough’ approach.

Online calculators work to a defined set of rules, within limited operational parameters and limited product range. They do not understand the intricacies of an application or customers needs, what can be achieved by subtly altering parameters or mounting positions to achieve the best result like a qualified engineer can.

For us to deliver the best solutions for your application, the more information we have at the outset the better the solution we are able to deliver.

We want to minimise the design iterations for our customers and if we know accurately the weights, the mounting restrictions and any other factors we can deliver the right solution in the shortest amount of time.

Measuring an existing gas strut is really quite simple, but once we start clouding it in industry specific terminology it can appear far more complicated than it really is.

Our simple guide how to measure a gas strut will show you how, alternatively our Gas Strut Sizing Form will walk you through the process quickly and easily.

The smallest diameter rod we manufacture is 6mm, the largest tube we manufacture is 28mm. We can produce gas struts from as little as 20mm stroke to over 2m extended length.

As standard our gas struts have an operating temperature range of -30°C to +100°C.

If you need a strut that works outside of this range please contact one of our team and we can design something to suit.

Absolutely, because we manufacture our products here in Leicester we have complete control over how they are made. We believe in delivering the right solution for our customers needs, not necessarily our own. So, for instance our 8-18 size range of fixed force compression gas struts can be manufactured in over 8 billion possible combinations.

No, sorry we do not sell our gas struts direct to individual customers. As a manufacturer we have to make in sufficient volume to make production viable. We sell a range of products via our distribution network that individual customers can buy in more economical quantities.

Of course, if you are struggling to find a replacement for an existing Camloc strut contact our friendly team who will do their best to source an equivalent gas strut for you through one of our customers or distributors.

Our gas struts are made here in Leicester, UK, by a team, many of which have been making gas struts for the majority of their working life. We use the best materials we can source and make products that last.

Our products carry a 12 month warranty from the date of manufacture.

No, we don’t hold any products in stock, we are a make to order manufacturer.

All our gas struts are made to order, which means our products might take a little longer to supply than our competitors. We typically work on a 20 day lead time, but this also means our products are brand new, fresh off the production line, they have not been sitting in a warehouse, possibly for months with the potential for seals drying and force loss to occur.

Yes, our minimum order value is £250.