Our mission statement and values reflect who we are and how we conduct ourselves :

“Camloc combines creativity with engineering excellence to overcome challenges in how to lift, lower and control.”

These are our values and what they mean to us; 

  • Integrity – Simply put, doing what we say we’ll do, when we say we’ll do it 
  • Collaboration – Supporting each other and our customers throughout the journey
  • Creativity – Turning challenges and problems into solutions 
  • Excelling – In engineering and operational excellence, through continuous improvement 

“Our values are the expression of what it means to ‘be Camloc’ and what it is that makes Camloc special. A team spirit and culture doesn’t come by accident and nor does the length of service our people to the bring to the business. It’s because of the values we live by that makes Camloc what it is, and the pride our team takes in doing what they do each day,” Matt Warne, Joint Managing Director & Co-owner at Camloc Motion Control Limited. 

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