The Statistics Behind a Successful 2019!

Last year marked another successful year for Camloc and its team as we continued to build upon the foundations that have established us as a trusted, go-to name for gas struts and dampers.

Camloc gas struts in black and white
Statistics from camloc showcasing a successful 2019

We are nothing without our customers and the feedback we receive on a regular basis is incredibly positive. Of the 410,558 products we manufactured in 2019, only 100 were returned as faulty – that’s a customer satisfaction score of over 99%!

Over the last 25 years, we have also taken great pride in the short lead times we can deliver for the manufacture and distribution of our gas struts – and last year was no different. Over 99% of our deliveries were on time – not too shabby if we say so ourselves.

We also know that our people make us who we are, with our team continuing to set us apart within the industry. We ensure that everybody feels part of the bigger picture so that they become invested in our ethos and can visualise exactly how we plan to move forward as a business.

Twenty years ago we launched our continuous improvement scheme – allowing our employees to make suggestions and recommendations towards how we operate. These suggestions can range from how we lay out our office space, to efficiencies that can be made when manufacturing products on the shop floor. Since its launch, we have implemented over 7,400 of these ideas, that’s over 85% of the total suggestions we’ve received! As you can see, our people really are at the heart of everything we do and they continue to lay the foundations for our achievements.

Speaking of our fantastic team, we have now clocked up 519 years of combined experience across all of our in-house departments. So you can rest assured when working with us that you’re in safe hands, with expertise on offer throughout our team – from the sales team through to our highly skilled designers and engineers.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more about our range of gas struts and dampers and explore how we could work with you on your next project and application.