Understanding the life expectancy of gas struts

Gas struts are essential components in various industries, providing a reliable and smooth operation in applications such as aerospace, industrial machinery and specialist vehicles. However, determining the life expectancy of gas struts can be challenging due to various factors. In this blog, we will explore the expected gas strut life and the factors that can influence it.

Camloc gas struts are designed to have a permitted maximum force loss of 10% after 50,000 cycles, assuming consistent room temperature and a maximum of three cycles per minute. Remarkably, some customers have successfully tested Camloc gas springs to over 200,000 cycles. This demonstrates the durability and longevity of these essential components. 

It is crucial to consider that real-life applications can vary significantly from ideal conditions, impacting the life expectancy of gas struts. Several factors come into play: 

  1. Environmental conditions: gas struts can be subjected to varying conditions depending on the application. Harsh or extreme environments might accelerate wear and reduce life expectancy. 
  2. Storage and handling: proper storage and handling of gas struts before installation is crucial. The conditions in which they are stored can impact their performance and longevity. 
  3. Temperature and temperature cycling: temperature fluctuations can affect the performance of gas struts. Excessive heat or cold can lead to faster wear and reduced lifespan. 
  4. Vibration: applications that experience frequent vibrations can exert additional stress on gas struts, potentially reducing their life expectancy. 
  5. Usage frequency: the frequency of usage can play a role in the wear and tear of gas struts. Constant and heavy use can lead to a shorter lifespan. 
  6. End fittings and lateral movement: The quality and design of the end fittings used can influence the performance and lifespan of gas struts. Additionally, excessive lateral movement can impact their durability. 

While it is challenging to precisely predict the life expectancy of gas struts in real-life applications, understanding the factors that can influence their longevity is essential. Camloc gas struts have demonstrated impressive durability and can withstand extensive cycles in optimal conditions. However, considering environmental factors, proper storage and application-specific considerations are crucial for maximising the lifespan of gas struts. 

Remember, when it comes to gas struts, understanding their expected life expectancy and taking necessary precautions can lead to better performance and enhanced productivity in your industry. 

If you have further questions or need assistance with selecting the right gas strut for your application, contact our friendly team. We provide free technical advice and dedicated engineering support to help you make informed decisions. 

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