France Distributors

From Dunkirk, through Paris and Lyon to Marseille, our wide-reaching French distributor network will work with you to find the right motion control solution that works best for you and your application.

Our network of trusted global distributors allows us to reach customers from a range of industries across the world. This growing network ensures that we can continue to deliver the high-quality gas struts and dampers tailored to your project requirements.

If you wish to be considered as a Camloc gas strut distributor, please email: [email protected]

RS Components SAS
Rue Norman King
CS 40453
Beauvais, 60031

Essentra Components – Paris
280 rue de la Belle Etoile

EPCI – France
34.3 rue Ampère,
ZA Les Portes du Vexin,
95300 Ennery,

Essentra Components – Lyon
Rue de la croix des hormes
69250 montanay
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