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How is a gas strut made?

A gas strut consists of a few vital components that enable it to work.

Camloc Product Annotations 300x90 - Construction of a Gas Spring


Rods are either precision ground, polished carbon or stainless steel. The surface of the rod is treated to improve wear and increase corrosion resistance. In general, the rod will always be longer than the stroke of the spring and shorter than the length of the tube.

Camloc’s carbon steel rods use a nitride surface treatment and stainless steel rods use a chrome-plated treatment.

Camloc Product Annotations2 300x90 - Construction of a Gas Spring


The tubes used are either powder coated carbon or stainless steel high integrity seamless welded tube suitable for high pressures.

The internal surface finish and tensile strength of the tube are critical to gas spring longevity and burst pressure performance.

Camloc Product Annotations3 300x90 - Construction of a Gas Spring

Guide and Seal Package

Manufactured from plastic composite, the guide and seal package provide a bearing surface for the rod, prevents the escape of gas and ingress of contamination.

Camloc Product Annotations4 300x90 - Construction of a Gas Spring

Piston Assembly

Manufactured from zinc, aluminium or plastic the piston assembly controls the rate at which the gas spring extends and compresses, it also serves to prevent the rod from being expelled from the spring. For safety reasons the integrity of the piston to rod attachment is critical.

Camloc Product Annotations5 300x90 - Construction of a Gas Spring

End Plug

This is used to seal the tube end of the gas spring and is where the tube end fitting attaches. In the case of Camloc Gas Springs the end plug is also where the Vari-Lift valve is incorporated. The Vari-Lift valve allows the release of the Nitrogen gas from the spring, which reduces the gas spring force. This feature is useful in allowing the gas springs to be fine-tuned to the application.

Camloc Product Annotations Nitrogen Gas Strut 300x90 - Construction of a Gas Spring

Nitrogen Gas Charge

Nitrogen is used as it is inert and non-flammable and therefore does not react with any of the internal components.


Provides lubrication for the seal and internal components, it also serves to provide the damping effect at the end of the gas springs stroke.

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