Gas Struts for the Renewable Sector

As many industries work towards net zero targets and a greener future, the renewables sector will be leading the way in terms of progress.

With years of experience working with this innovative sector, we understand exactly how important motion control solutions are in these specialised environments, and are interested in supporting this essential industry to meet its ambitious targets.

At Camloc Motion Control, we’re proud to be able to support these essential efforts.

Wind Turbines 

Fuelling the world that we live in using one of nature’s most powerful resources is an incredible feat of engineering. Through rain and shine, wind turbines show the potential to fuel everything from buildings to factories, and the motion control solutions we design and manufacture help make this possible. 

Our dampers are the ideal motion control solution to be used in maintenance access doors due to their durability, and our ability to customise the product to the end users’ needs. Our team of engineers will work with you to establish the specific requirements of your project to ensure you have a bespoke solution that exceeds expectations.  

Solar Panels 

Left to their own devices on sunny days, solar panels are a powerful form of technology with the potential to help fuel our world and take significant steps towards a greener future. 

With complex technology comes the need for sophisticated motion control solutions that support in transforming light into stored energy. Our dampers and fixed force gas struts are specifically designed, tested and manufactured to provide the essential functions that allow solar panels to work efficiently.  

If you have any questions about our bespoke motion control solutions, our team of engineers are on hand to support you. 

Waste to Energy 

As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, the renewable energy sector will become a larger focus when it comes to engineering and manufacturing, and waste to energy technology is no exception. 

Our motion control solutions help waste to energy processes take place, and our stainless steel solutions support anaerobic biodigesters to do their vital work. Having access to the highest-quality and most innovative solutions is key to a successful renewable energy project, and that is something we pride ourselves on at Camloc Motion Control. 

Offshore Energy 

Renewable energy solutions have a crucial role to play in helping the industry to deliver cleaner, more sustainable energy solutions, and this takes place both on and offshore. 

We tailor each of our bespoke motion control solutions to your project, so where you need an element for a personnel safety hoist system or something more specific, our dampers can be the perfect fit for your project. 

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