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Our team uses its collective expertise to provide motion control solutions to clients across a range of industries. We pride ourselves on forming true partnerships that allow us to find the perfect solution each and every time.

Why choose Camloc?

From our head office in Leicester, we design and manufacture high quality, engineered gas struts and dampers. Using our in-house expertise, built on over 30 years of knowhow, we work in close partnership with our customers in order to achieve a solution that works for specific applications or product. From lowering and counterbalancing weights, through to lifting and enabling smooth movement, we ensure the safe and reliable manoeuvrability of equipment.

Our products are used across sectors including rail, aerospace, the military and signage, with customers having complete access to our skilled in-house team of designers - allowing each project to be tailored to the specific needs of the application.

Quality and customer service continually set us apart. We pride ourselves on our customisable product offering with free, dedicated support and advice available from our designers and engineers. One-to-one training is also available across our entire product range, ensuring that customers get the most out of their chosen gas strut or damper and ultimately, their product or application.

All of our products meet the highest industry standards, while our short lead times and 99.1% on time delivery mean that you can trust us to work within tight timescales whilst keeping your project on budget.

At Camloc Motion Control, we are more than just a manufacturer of gas springs and dampers.

Going the extra mile

  • All of our customers receive free technical advice on every project, with dedicated engineering support alongside. We also provide free training to customers across our suite of products, answering all the questions you need to truly make the most of your application or product.

  • We manufacture a wide range of product types which help with lifting, lowering and counterbalancing weights. Our customisable products meet the needs of each and every product or application. This service runs throughout the project, from design and testing, to manufacture and distribution.

  • Our continuous commitment to quality means that we always meet the highest industry standards. through a product range that is completely manufactured here in the UK. Our location also enables us to provide short delivery lead times and a promise to deliver your order on time and within budget.

At Camloc Motion Control we are more than just a manufacturer of gas springs and dampers, utilising over 30 years of expertise and knowhow to deliver quality products on time and within budget. -

Our Team

From our skilled designers and engineers, to our finance team and sales reps, our friendly team is here to help you achieve the right results.

Angie Flood
Conner Danvers-Rushin
David Mathias
Emma Cragg
Gagan Chatha
Ian Sinclair
Sales Manager
Jessica Kerr
John Widger
Julie Barker
Laura Gough
Office Manager
Leon Blake
Lewis Langford
External Sales
Mark Stevenson
Martyn Roscoe
Matt Warne
Michael Cook
External Sales
Michelle Williams
Mukesh Patel
Rupesh Parmar
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