Gas Strut Products

Gas struts, alternatively known as gas springs or gas shocks, come in many different forms.

Camloc Motion Control is a market leading manufacturer in motion control solutions based in the UK. Offering a wide range of bespoke solutions – ranging from lift assistance, through to lowering and counterbalancing of weights – we ensure the safe manoeuvrability of equipment.

Being more than just a manufacturer of gas springs and dampers, our design engineers work closely with clients from concept through to production.

Camloc Motion Control - swift and sure black gas strut on black background

Fixed Force Compression Gas Struts – Swift and Sure

Our most popular compression gas strut is the fixed force ‘Swift and Sure’ range. It is an extremely versatile product offering a solution for a range of engineering situations. This gas strut is available in both carbon and stainless steel, in an extensive range of sizes, and end fittings for a wide variety of applications.

Camloc Motion Control - Bespoke dampers - Varilift strut gas spring

Adjustable Force Gas Strut – VARI‐LIFT

Our adjustable force gas strut- Vari-Lift can be set to meet your exact requirements in a wide range of situations. The key benefit of this type of gas strut is that the force adjustments can be made with the gas strut fitted to the application, saving you both time and effort.

Camloc Motion Control - Stainless Steel Varilift horizontal

Fixed Force Stainless Steel Compression Gas Struts

Our most popular gas strut – the ‘Swift and Sure’ – is also available in stainless steel. This makes them ideally suited for use in harsh environments, such as access doors to offshore wind turbines, marine engine covers, doors, hatches, plus applications requiring high levels of cleanliness like the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Camloc Motion Control - econoloc black and yellow strut

Safety Locking Gas Strut with Shroud – Econoloc

Our safety shroud gas struts eliminate the need for separate safety rods. They positively lock when fully extended, protecting the operator from potential injury in the event of overload or misuse. The shroud must be actively pressed to release the lock and ensures safety.

Camloc Motion Control - Stop and stay

Friction Locking Compression Gas Struts (External & Internal) – Stop and Stay / Stop and Stay+

Our Stop and Stay, and Stop and Stay+ products, counterbalance the weight of the application over the full stroke of the gas strut enabling precise, multi‐position positioning at all times. Unlike a standard gas strut, when correctly set it will not move the application, but simply support it in position. This gives the user total control over the position of the object being moved at all times.

A Blocklift locking gas strut manufactured by Camloc available in carbon or 316L Stainless Steel

Locking Gas Struts – Blocklift

Our range of locking gas struts perform like conventional gas struts, with the addition of a special internal locking valve that allows the strut to be stopped in any position. Common applications for our locking gas struts include height and angle adjustment of seats on aircraft, buses, trains, specialist vehicles and on military vehicle seating.

Camloc Motion Control - Bespoke dampers

Hydraulic Dampers – Cam-Shoc

We specialise in hydraulic damper solutions for a wide range of sectors and industries. Our dampers are bespoke to each application and are used to control or arrest movement in the most critical and demanding of applications. If movement needs to be controlled, an object stopped or vibration eliminated, this is likely the product you need. 

cam stay product

Telescopic Stay – Cam-Stay

The Cam‐Stay is our easy‐to‐use telescopic stay – providing quick and multi-positional options. Ideally suited for a wide range of applications where a weight must be held or supported at various angles, the Cam‐Stay comes in three versions. It is a great, cost-effective alternative to a gas strut where positional control is required and the mass of the item being held is low.

Hydraulic Lift

Hydraulic Lift

Our hydraulic lift has been designed for applications where height and positional adjustments are required. A classic example of a hydraulic lift in action is when the height of your chair is adjusted at the hairdressers. A foot pedal is used to release the internal oil that raises the seat height. Other common applications for this product include adjusting the height and positions of backrests on hospital beds, treatment couches, similar medical equipment and lifting platforms.

Gas spring metal end fittings with thread

Gas Strut End Fittings

Our gas strut end fittings are manufactured from a wide range of materials and finishes to suit your application needs. Our end fittings can be the same on each end, or different sizes and types to suit your requirements. They are manufactured in a range of finishes and materials, including nylon, steel, stainless steel and zinc.

Camloc mounting brackets. Metal various shapes.

Gas Strut Mounting Brackets

Our gas strut mounting brackets suit our extensive range of end fittings, creating a wide range of easy-to-assemble fixing options. Available in a wide range of styles, including 90°, flat and raised, the brackets are drilled to accept a variety of fixings, making it easier to fasten to timber and steel frameworks using screws or dowels.