Fixed Force Compression Gas Struts ‘Swift & Sure’

Our standard range of fixed compression gas struts, these are the most popular model in the Camloc range and are available in the widest range of sizes and forces.

Adjustable Force Compression Gas Struts ‘Vari-lift’

The Vari-Lift valve is an option that can be fitted to all the standard gas struts in the Camloc range, it is a small brass valve fitted to the end of the tube that allows the force of the spring to be adjusted downwards. This adjustment can be carried out in-situ, which saves both time and effort and allows individual applications to be adjusted exactly as required. They are ideal for prototyping and initial set-up of new applications.

Fixed Force Stainless Steel Compression Gas Struts

Our Stainless Steel range is the same as the Swift & Sure range, but as the name suggests the springs are manufactured from stainless rather than carbon steel. We use 316L grade stainless steel in the manufacture of our springs and this range is intended for use in harsh environments, such as marine, food, pharmaceutical and chemical, to name but a few.

Safety Locking Gas Strut with Shroud ‘Econoloc’

The Econoloc is a compression gas strut fitted with a safety locking shroud, the shroud engages automatically when the spring is fully extended and prevents the spring from compressing. This provides protection for both operators and bystanders in the event of overload or misuse, for example on catering vehicles where you need to protect customers in the event of high winds. One Econoloc is fitted per pair of springs.

Friction Locking Compression Gas Struts ‘Stop & Stay’

Our Stop & Stay range are fitted with an adjustable friction lock nut, as the nut is turned it increases friction on the rod and enables the strut to be set to hold the application in any position. Once the lock nut is set the operator will push or pull the application to another position and it’ll hold in this position exactly as it did in the initial one. These parts are typically used for low volume or prototyping purposes due to the requirement to set each spring individually, they are used on applications such as sunbeds, monitor arms, welding or acoustic hoods.

Friction Locking Compression Gas Struts ‘Stop & Stay+’

The Stop & Stay+ is a development of the Stop & Stay range, they serve the same purpose but rather than using a friction locking nut they utilise a factory set, internal valve mechanism, they require no periodic setting or maintenance. Whereas the Stop & Stay is intended for low volume and prototyping the Stop & Stay+ is intended for high volume manufacturing environments. These products are used for passenger information systems, monitor arms, recliner footrests and service flaps.

Hydraulic Dampers

These are Camloc’s range of hydraulic damping units designed to absorb, meter and control kinetic energy. Each damper is designed specifically for the application it’s intended for and are available in a number of configurations including compression and extension damping, through dampers, gassed (emulsion) dampers and separator piston types.

Locking Gas Struts ‘Blocklift’

Blocklift struts allow the application to be locked in position at any point along the stroke length, this is achieved by using a internal piston arrangement actuated by a button at the end of the rod. Blocklift struts can be rigid locking or spring blocking type, spring blocking allow slight movement under load whereas rigid locking types do not. Blocklift springs have many different uses where infinite control of the position of the application is required, for example seat height and back adjustment, steering columns and medical beds.

Telescopic Stay ‘Cam-Stay’

The Cam-Stay is a multi-positional telescopic stay, it is a low cost alternative to a gas spring and does not provide any form of lift assistance. Examples of use include medical bed and chair footrests.