Standard Gas Spring Sizes

Gas Spring Size

Approximate Lid Weight

6-15 Up to 10kg
8-18 10-40kg
10-23 40-150kg
14-28 150-350kg

We have the capabilities to manufacture gas springs in a wide array of sizes. Our gas springs come in a range of diameters to handle different force ranges and can be made with strokes up to 1 metre long.

Gas Spring Sizes

Range of Stroke (Rod Lengths)

Range of Tube Lengths

Force Range

Thread Type

6mm rod diameter – 15mm tube diameter 60-200mm (5mm increments) 90-235mm (1mm increments) 50-400N (11.24-89.92lbs) M5x0.8
8mm rod diameter – 18mm tube diameter 60-300mm (5mm increments) 105-335mm (1mm increments) 100-850N (22.48-191.09lbs) M6x1.0
10mm rod diameter – 23mm tube diameter 60-400mm (5mm increments) 105-440mm (1mm increments) 150-1200N (33.72-269.77lbs) M8x1.25
14mm rod diameter – 28mm tube diameter 60-500mm (5mm increments) 115-555mm (1mm increments) 200-2500N (44.96-562.02lbs) M10x1.5

Through our bespoke offering, we can discuss with you the potential of manufacturing gas springs outside of our standard range, with different dimensions and handling characteristics.

For information on sizing of our products including any information on Econoloc shrouds, 316L Stainless Steel and other variations of our standard line of gas springs please view our Products Page.

If you require assistance. please contact one of our experts on + 44 (0)116 274 3600 or alternatively you can send an enquiry through our Contact Us page.