Hydraulic Dampers

Our hydraulic dampers are designed for even the most demanding scenarios, providing smooth operations and effective motion control. Whether you work in manufacturing, engineering, or any industry where precise movement is vital, our bespoke dampers offer reliable performance. No matter the challenge, our dampers will ensure stability and steady operations for heavy machinery, delicate equipment, or intricate systems.

What do hydraulic dampers do?

Hydraulic dampers serve a vital role in various applications by controlling movement, speed, and reducing vibrations. They can be found in a range of environments, from enhancing comfort to ensuring safety.

These dampers come in different configurations, including simple extension and compression dampers with or without gas. Additionally, bespoke blast mitigation solutions are used in military applications for optimal performance and protection.

Hydraulic Damper Type Hydraulic Damper Size Stroke (Rod) Length Min / Max
(in 5mm increments)
With Extension Force Characteristics and Additional Information
Standard Oil-Filled Damper 6-15 25-200 No For use in extension, compression or both directions.
Not all of the stroke is damped (idle stroke)
Positioned in the specified orientation only
Application examples: Lids, cabinets, storage shelves
8-18 25-300
8-23 25-300
10-23 25-555
10-28 25-555
14-28 25-645
Oil-Filled with Separator Piston 6-15 25-200 No For use in extension direction only
Idle stroke is eliminated
Can be positioned in any orientation
Application examples: Ladder racks, HVAC access panels
8-18 25-300
8-23 25-300
10-23 25-555
10-28 25-555
14-28 25-645
Through Damper 6-15 25-200 No Only available in stainless steel
Excellent in both extension and compression
Idle stroke is eliminated
Can be positioned in any direction
Application examples: Armoured doors, weight adjustment
8-18 25-300
8-23 25-300
10-28 25-400
14-28 25-400
Gassed (Emulsion) Damper 6-15 25-200 Yes Self-extending damper / slow gas spring
Idle stroke is reduced
Can be positioned rod down only
Application examples: Any application where the damper may need to reset itself for the next cycle, or where slow movement and control is required
8-18 25-300
8-23 25-300
10-23 25-555
10-28 25-555
14-28 25-645
Gassed with Separator Piston 8-18 25-300 Yes Self-extending damper / slow gas spring
Idle stroke is eliminated
Can be positioned in any direction
Application examples: Automatic doors, gate closers
8-23 25-300
10-23 25-555
10-28 25-555
14-28 25-645

What are the key benefits of hydraulic dampers?

  • Custom–designed and sized to each application
  • Available in a wide range of types and designs to suit the application
  • Fully customisable
  • Maintenance-free
  • Fully self-contained unit
  • UK-designed and manufactured product
  • Compact design with high durability and reliability
  • Operating temperature range from –40c to +100c

How do hydraulic dampers work?

Hydraulic dampers are essential for controlling motion, absorbing shocks, and eliminating vibrations in various applications. Our dampers are designed to influence movement characteristics and are available in both carbon and stainless steel. At Camloc, we specialise in developing bespoke solutions for the most demanding applications, from mono-tube to twin-tube dampers.

Our hydraulic dampers are compact, reliable, and maintenance-free, and they operate within a wide temperature range, making them highly durable. We understand the importance of explaining technical concepts in a way that anyone can understand, and we take pride in using precise yet accessible language to convey the superior quality of our products.

Will it work for my requirements?

At Camloc, we take pride in offering a bespoke service to our valued customers. Our team of experienced engineers is dedicated to working closely with you to provide hydraulic damper solutions tailored to your unique needs, even if they fall outside of the standard types and sizes.

When it comes to customer service, we go the extra mile. Our design engineers are equipped with the latest CAD/CAE techniques and are ready to collaborate with you every step of the way. We understand that no two applications are the same, and that’s why we’re committed to delivering engineered solutions that meet your exact requirements.

Our products page has more information about the various range of solutions that we provide.

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CPR bed crash control


Off-shore wind turbine access doors


Overhead HVAC access hatches

What sizes do you offer?

Just like gas struts, dampers are often identified by their size. However, what sets our hydraulic dampers apart is that each one is custom-designed to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Unlike gas struts, we don’t carry a range of standard sizes through our distributor network. Instead, we collaborate closely with our customers to develop the perfect solution tailored to their needs. Our options span from a 6mm rod diameter to a 28mm tube diameter, ensuring we can accommodate a wide range of applications.

At Camloc, we believe in delivering personalised solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

What options are available?

  • Damping in extension, compression or both directions
  • Available as gassed, ungassed or emulsion dampers
  • Oil-filled or friction damping designs
  • Mono-tube, twin-tube and through damper types
  • Non-standard rod and tube combinations, for example 6-18, 8-23, 10-28
  • Mild steel or 316 stainless steel construction
  • Oil chamber / rod-up mounting options
  • Wide range of end fittings
  • Food safe oils
  • Non-magnetic / medically safe (stainless steel only)
What Our Customers Say

“The great support from their customer service department, their expert technical advise and the high quality of their products make Camloc a supplier of maximum reliability for all our projects.”

Javier Huertas, Sales Director at Aerotecnica

How does Camloc operate?

At Camloc, we believe in staying ahead of the curve in our industry through ongoing investment in our staff and cutting-edge hardware. This commitment ensures that we are at the forefront of advances in manufacturing processes. By continuously adopting the latest techniques, we are able to deliver innovative solutions and successfully troubleshoot challenges for our valued customers.

Since 2001, we have embraced lean manufacturing methods, a continuous improvement approach that allows us to enhance and evolve our production processes. This commitment to optimising efficiency and minimising waste enables us to deliver high-quality products that meet the needs of various industry sectors.

From the UK to the USA, Europe, and beyond, our reputation for excellence spans the globe. Our commitment to delivering reliable and superior solutions has earned us the trust and loyalty of customers worldwide.

At Camloc, we combine technical expertise with approachable clarity to ensure that our high-quality products and manufacturing processes feel within reach for everyone. Rest assured, our knowledgeable and dedicated team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect solutions for your specific requirements. Experience the Camloc difference today.

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