Telescopic Stay

Introducing the cam-stay, a user-friendly telescopic stay that unlocks a world of versatile positioning options. Designed for a multitude of applications where precise weight support is necessary at various angles, this solution offers unbeatable ease of use. It presents a cost-effective alternative to gas struts for situations requiring positional control, especially when dealing with lighter loads.

What does the telescopic multi-positional cam-stay do?

The cam-stay is a manually operated telescopic multi-positional stay designed to support up to 135kg. With fixed holding positions it provides quick and steady positioning for your project. 

It is a great, cost-effective alternative to a gas strut where positional control is required and the mass of the item being held is low. Ideally suited for a wide range of applications where a weight must be held or supported at various angles.


Part Number No. of Holding Positions Closed Length (mm) Extended Length
Mounting Hole Diameter
00-5520-05 5 142 231 8.2
00-5520-06 6 216 374 8.2
00-5520-10 10 216 374 8.2
* Note: Tolerancing on stated extended and closed lengths is +/- 3mm

What are the key benefits of telescopic multi-positional cam-stay?

    • Easy installation process 
    • Maintenance free design 
    • Supports up to 135kg 
    • Can be moved to up to 10 positions 
    • Life Expectancy of 20,000 Locks 

How does the telescopic multi-positional cam-stay work?

To achieve precise positioning, all you need to do is extend the arm of the cam-stay until it securely locks into the desired position. This ensures a stable and reliable hold, allowing you to trust in the performance of our product.

Closing the cam-stay differs slightly depending on the model you choose. For the basic models, simply fully extend the stay before smoothly returning it to the closed position. This ensures a secure closure and guarantees stability throughout your application.

On the other hand, if you opt for the reversible model, the process is even more convenient. Once you’ve extended the arm to your desired position, there’s no need for full extension before closing. Instead, simply extend the stay slightly out of its current holding position and confidently close it. This feature grants you flexibility while maintaining the same level of dependable performance.


Will it work for my requirements?

At Camloc, we offer a bespoke service where we treat every project individually, and our team of experienced designers and engineers will work with you to provide gas spring solutions that will exceed your expectations. 

For more information about our range of motion control solutions, visit our products page today. 

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Patient footrest


Passenger information screens

Special Purpose Machinery

Workstation angle adjustment

What sizes do you offer?

The telescopic multi-positional cam-stay comes in three versions:

  • Basic with 5 locking positions
  • Basic with 10 locking positions
  • Reversible with 6 locking positions

What options are available?

All of our telescopic multi-positional cam-stays are universal and therefore can be mounted with the holding slots mounted up or down. Mounting of the stays can either be directly to your application through the holes or by mounting brackets. 

Basic – To operate the basic stay, all need to slightly extend the arm from its closed state until it locates into the required holding position. To close the unit, fully extend the stay before returning it to the closed position. The basic type is available with 5 or 10 holding positions. 

Reversible – To operate the reversible stay, extend the arm from its closed position until it locates into the desired holding position. The reversible version can be closed between any holding positions, it does not need to be fully extended before closing. To close the stay, simply extend it slightly out of its current holding position and close. The Reversible type is available with 6 holding positions. 

All telescopic multi-positional cam-stays are universal and can be mounted with the holding slots mounted. 

What Our Customers Say

“Working with Camloc is easy and feels like working with other members of our team, they really understand how we work and what we want to achieve."

James Smith – Industrial Sales Manager – Clarendon Specialty Fasteners.

How does Camloc operate?

We are firm believers that continuous investment in our staff and the latest hardware keeps us at the forefront of our industry. Working in this way ensures that we continuously adopt the latest manufacturing processes from our facility in Leicester, and we successfully problem solve for our customers. We continue to enhance and evolve our production processes using lean manufacturing methods, something we have been doing since 2001. 

We deliver high-quality products that support a wide range of industry sectors, across the UK, USA, Europe and around the world. 

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