Vehicle Convertors

With more than 30 years of experience working in the specialist vehicle sector, we understand the potential of motion control solutions in these forms of specialised transport. The solutions required must be protective, mobile and able to cope with the wear and tear of regular use in a variety of conditions.

As vehicle converters continue to advance and push expectations, this creates an increasing need for motion control solutions to assist the end-user with, for example, the smooth movement of internal and external storage compartments, foldaway items and fold-out steps. Our team of highly-skilled engineers understand the unique requirements of this industry and will work alongside you at any stage of your project. Working this way allows us to understand your plans and specifications, or to design a custom solution that meets your specific requirements. 

Through our unwavering commitment to continually invest in the research and development of our product range, we can design and manufacture innovative quality solutions to meet your needs. 

A porsche 4x4 parked in a deserted car park

Civilian Armoured Vehicles 

Armoured vehicles require a range of unique applications that serve a particular purpose. These vehicles must be both protective and reliable to provide vital reassurance to its passengers. Their reinforced structures can shield their passengers from potential assaults, bullets and injury from glass. 

Our fixed force compression gas struts provide the ideal solution to meet these needs, offering a controlled rate of movement across the full length of the stroke. This product can also be manufactured in 316L stainless steel where required, providing all the benefits of the standard rang but with the added benefit of increased corrosion resistance. Our stainless-steel option has also historically been used to provide a more aesthetically pleasing gas spring solution, where the spring is always visible. 

For example, with the doors of these vehicles, our armoured door control dampers compensate the additional weight of the door, preventing damage to hinges and enabling a smooth and easy control, improving both the driver and passenger experience. 

In situations where there is risk of gunfire, our fixed force compression gas strut enables our bulletproof gas lift assist solution to hold its own under the pressure, and ensures everyone involved stays safe. The gas struts provide the additional lift assistance required by the electric window mechanism, enabling it to cope with the extra weight demands imposed when using bulletproof glass. 

Our armoured tailgate lift assist provides vital motion control support as and when needed, making it the ideal solution to include in up-armoured civilian vehicles alongside other vehicles that might require it when the factory-fitted gas struts are no longer able to support the additional weight. 

Emergency Services Vehicles 

We specialise in understanding the challenging environments that specialist emergency service vehicles can be required in. We prioritise safety and ease-of-use because it is integral to the end-user, but also to our emergency service and healthcare heroes.  

These unique types of vehicles combine a wide range of motion control solutions, from the visible to the more discreet. For example, when it comes to maximising storage capacity in fire & rescue vehicles, our hydraulic dampers are utilised to provide the controlled lowering of breathing apparatus from above head height, keeping this lifesaving apparatus safe and rapidly accessible to the crew. 

It’s not only about what happens inside these vehicles that matters; the ambulance door and access step must also be able to survive the wear and tear of regular use in high-pressure, and sometimes dangerous, conditions. 

In high-pressure, dangerous conditions, the requirements for Armed Response Vehicles are the pinnacle. Our range of fixed force compression gas strut assists with the safe storage and rapid entry to firearm and equipment compartments found in these vehicles. 

Young woman in a wheelchair leaving the car

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles 

In a world that is evolving in terms of technology and engineering, we are seeing more and more parts of apparatus that we take for granted being adapted for use by those with disabilities or  who require wheelchair access. 

For example, our uprated tailgate lift assist enables more and more people to access specialised vehicles with modified tailgate requirements, while our tail ramp lowering control enables smooth, easy and accessible access for those who need it. 

A white horse and brown horse looking our of a horsebox

Horse Boxes 

When transporting horses of different weights and sizes, the quality and design of your horse box tailgate is a key consideration. These solutions must be reliable and strong in order to lift, lower and control in the required situation, which is where the Camloc team can support you. 

Our fixed force compression gas struts enable a stress-free tail ramp lift assist that supports both horses and their owners to safely move their horses from horse box to the ground and vice versa. Adequate storage compartment access is also an important consideration and allows for tack and riding equipment needed for the optimum care of horses and livestock while being transported. 

E Type Jaguar racing around a bend with a cameraman in the background

High Performance Automotive 

Through our work within the high-performance automotive industry, we understand that speed, safety and mobility matter. The optimum pedal position created by our fixed force compression struts found in GT3 race car pedal box adjustment can help make the fraction of a second differences that could mean winning or losing races. Similarly, enabling easy access to the engine, our bonnet lift is crucial as these are areas of the vehicle which are designed to regularly move, therefore requiring a solution that can sustain wear and tear over time. 

When working with classic car restoration and upgrades, our fixed force compression gas springs provide you with solutions that are unobtrusive to not disrupt the look and feel of a vintage vehicle. These gas strut solutions are strong enough to cope with older materials and designs that may not be as efficient or lightweight as their modern counterparts.