Station and Platform Maintenance

Train stations and platforms are familiar places but they are only able to function as they do thanks to the many motion control solutions which keep every element working efficiently.

For many years, our highly skilled team of engineers have worked closely alongside those working in the railway industry, contributing to the design of strong, durable, high-impact, and vandal-proof maintenance equipment. It’s our experience within this industry that enables our solutions to be built to the exact standards the transport sector requires.

In terms of the design and manufacturing of station and platform maintence, durability, stability and safety are the key considerations our team keeps in mind at all times. 

Working on the applications involved in station and platform maintenance helps to keep the country moving and supports the rail industry as a whole. Through our method of design and manufacture, we can adapt our designs to suit a customer’s exact challenge or application. 

Passengers waiting for a train on a platform


Understanding the variety of gas spring and damper solutions that are required on tube and train stations and the harsh environments they must function in is essential when working on solutions for train platforms.  

Our stainless-steel option gives increased corrosion resistance. Manufactured in 316L, our stainless-steel gas springs undergo rigorous testing including one-thousand hours of salt spraying to ensure they can live up to the challenge of said environments. 

For advertising board maintenance access, our team of engineers often recommend our fixed force stainless steel compression gas struts due to their strength and durability.  

For applications such as passenger information display, our friction locking compression gas struts are able to withstand the regular use and wear and tear characterised by train platforms which makes them the ideal solution when longevity is a key concern. 

Our team will often suggest adjustable force gas struts when designing the applications for MV/LV distribution panel access due to their ability to provide an adequate range of movement. 

For ticketing machine maintenance, our fixed force compression gas struts have proved time and time again to be the solution of choice as they are able to withstand the demands of daily use and can be relied upon to work consistently. 

When designing or selecting the ideal motion control solution for window opening mechanisms, our adjustable force gas struts provide the required range of movement with the durability that you would expect. 

A woman on a train sat next to a window looking at her mobile device


With efficiency demands on railways increasing, prioritising maintenance – and importantly employee safety when performing maintenance – is understandably a primary concern and this can also be applied directly to the facilities onboard trains.  

For vanity unit maintenance access, our fixed force compression gas struts can be relied upon to provide the required range of motion and withstand daily use. Similarly, for washroom facility maintenance, our engineers also typically suggest using fixed force compression gas struts as they are suitable for applications that experience regular use and are able to maintain their functionality throughout. 

In terms of food counter access, fixed force stainless steel compression gas struts offer the support needed to avoid the collapse of the counter and are suitable for applications such as this which are required to withstand the vibrations caused by highspeed movement.  

Our engineers would recommend the use of our hydraulic dampers for a variety of applications including architectural, building and ceiling void access panels due to their capability to close in a slow and controlled manner. 

Train platform and traffic light at sunset. Railroad. Railway station


We only ever using materials of the highest quality which is one of the reasons we are able to guarantee our customers a superior product to that of our competitors.  

Our team of expert engineers will often recommend hydraulic dampers, the gassed variety, when designing the ideal application for signal arm movement control. With a minimal margin for error for this essential piece of equipment, we’re confident that our dampers will meet and exceed the standards expected of them. 

For MV/LV distribution panel access, our fixed force compression gas struts provide the required range of motion and easy access when it is needed most.