Enhancing safety and ergonomics with gas struts in industrial equipment

At Camloc Motion Control, we design and manufacture a wide range of engineered gas springs, struts and damper solutions to fit your requirements. Whether your project involves the door of a specialist vehicle or the hidden mechanisms of an operating table, our solutions will help you achieve the range of motion for whatever your application requires.

Gas struts help with a variety of processes, from reducing repetitive strain injuries in hospital porters to supporting our armed forces in military vehicles. In this blog post, we’re going to cover exactly how the humble gas enhances safety and ergonomics in industrial equipment.

What are gas struts?

Gas struts are mechanical devices that use compressed gas, typically nitrogen, to provide controlled and reliable motion in various applications. They consist of a cylinder filled with gas, a piston, and a rod. Gas struts are commonly used in industrial equipment to enhance safety and ergonomics.

They play a vital role in enhancing safety by providing controlled movements and preventing sudden or uncontrolled motions in equipment. For example, equipment lids or hatches fitted with gas struts can be lifted, lowered or held in position smoothly and securely. This prevents accidents caused by heavy lids abruptly falling or slamming shut, reducing the risk of injuries to operators or nearby personnel.

In terms of ergonomics, gas struts contribute to improved workplace efficiency and user comfort. They assist in reducing physical strain and fatigue by supporting the weight of heavy equipment or enabling easy adjustment of machinery. For instance, gas struts can allow height adjustment of workstations or help position equipment at comfortable angles, reducing unnecessary stretching or awkward postures. This ergonomic design promotes worker wellbeing by minimising the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and increases productivity.

How gas struts enhance safety and ergonomics

Safety and ergonomics are essential factors in the design and use of industrial equipment. Ensuring that equipment such as machines, tools and workstations are safe and ergonomically designed is crucial for a variety of reasons.

First and foremost, safety is essential in industrial settings because it can prevent human injuries, fatalities and accidents. Industrial equipment is often heavy, complicated and potentially hazardous, involving dangerous operations and industrial processes. Safety measures can help keep operators and employees safe from harm and avoid accidents that

can affect an entire workplace. The right gas strut can ensure that machinery can move efficiently and exactly as required.

Ergonomics is another critical consideration in industrial equipment design and use. Ergonomics plays a key role in designing equipment that can be used comfortably, efficiently and safely by workers. Poor ergonomics may cause physical fatigue, repetitive motion injuries and other debilitating conditions that can manifest as chronic health problems. A well-designed ergonomics system, including adjustable equipment, safer movements and appropriate seating, can potentially enhance employee work satisfaction, reduce absenteeism and improve overall productivity.

Final thoughts

The importance of safety and ergonomics in industrial equipment cannot be understated. By ensuring employee safety and designing equipment that aligns with ergonomic principles, companies can create a safer work environment and improve the overall performance of their workforce while reducing the risk of accidents and workplace injuries.

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